Carlson told by member of Fox board: he was taken off air per Dominion settlement

The revelation comes as Tucker Carlson has launched a new exclusive show on Twitter.

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On Tuesday, it was revealed that Fox News’ settlement with Dominion Voting Systems over claims made in 2020 about the company’s voting machines’ role in the presidential election was the reason why former Fox News host Tucker Carlson was taken off the air.

Two people briefed on the conversation told Axios that Carlson had been told by a Fox board member that he was taken off the air abruptly last month as part of the settlement with Dominion Voting Systems. 

The $787 million settlement reached by the two parties came less than a week after it was revealed that Carlson was off the air, with his final show being the Friday after the settlement was announced. 

In a letter from Carlson’s lawyers to Fox News, they argue that Carlson’s noncompete clause in his contract, which runs through 2025, is no longer valid, alleging Fox employees, including “Rupert Murdoch himself,” broke promises to Carlson “intentionally and with reckless disregard for the truth.” 

The lawyers accuse Fox executives, which two sources told Axios are Viet Dinh and Murdoch, of making “material representations,” or promises, to Carlson that was intentionally broken, constituting fraud. 

The revelation comes as Tucker Carlson has launched a new exclusive show on Twitter.

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  1. The settlement was an outrageous sellout of Americans by Fox to Dominion! News stations can talk about news! And this was and still is news! And, to settle with these terms is a deliberate choice made by Fox executives. The beneficiaries are the deep state and the election fraudsters, who have now successfully sued and interfered with news stations and the 1st Amendment! (And, they basically threw in Tucker, to shut him up too!)

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