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The courts cannot remove a President my friend.  This is what I tried to explain for years.  It’s not a protection for an illegal election, it’s the enumerated powers that each branch of govt has under the Constitution.  Each branch is assigned specific authority.  The authority over elections is 100% plenary to the states.  That’s it in a nutshell. The courts cannot usurp the Constitution in whatever they do, they must uphold it.

Gary Fisher AMIGO con fe:

Under normal circumstances, you are correct. But these are not normal circumstances at all. Presidential wartime powers can include what exactly? That is what we do not know. Were there any PEADS written? What about the 8 or 9 EOs that we do not know the contents of?

There is so much that we do not know it is quite difficult to declare an absolute when we are missing some puzzle pieces.

Regardless, it is enjoyable debating possibilities with you. 👏♥️ It makes us all think so much better.

You have such a great mind, that I am so surprised that you are not an Amigo.  😂😂😂😂

Joe Lange:

You make a great point Gary.

This entire situation is unprecedented.

It will take an unprecedented solution


Because of the extensive and outrageous persecution of Trump, he MUST to do everything by-the-book.  He cannot afford to be seen as pulling strings, whether it’s war powers or not.  That’s what I think he is waiting for.  I think he’s 100% doing it by the book.

Joe Lange:

We all think that JJ

Marsha Wills:

Oh shoot Joe, those are all valid points! Perhaps the solution is going to be a combination of both your premises. Courts say 2020 was fraudulent. But because it was the presidential election it has to technically return to each state for electoral review or revocation?

Joe Lange:

The states are corrupt and many in office at the state level are there based on cheating

Marsha Wills:

💯 agree there, especially in my hell hole called Michigan.


One thing I have not ruled out – a direct arrest, under DoD Instruction 5525.07. Under the law of armed conflict, any US citizen can be tried as an ENEMY COMBATANT via military tribunal and executed, if found to have collaborated with a declared enemy of the US. 

I am not sure if this a viable possibility.  Or perhaps this would follow the 25th after evidence emerges of Biden’s treasonous activities.

But either way, it will not IMO involve civilian courts – people have to remember this is no longer a civilian operation – it’s a military op.

Joe Lange:

Think about it.

The argument that the states were going to fix election fraud was always a flawed argument.


The people thinking the state legislatures are the solution are asking the wrong question to start with. 

Their question is how do we flip the election and get Trump back in office?

That’s the wrong question.

This isn’t about another four year election.

The right question is this.

How do we change elections in every single state, including blue states?

You don’t change election laws in California, New York, Illinois and Washington by flipping some swing states.

That changes nothing.

The entire nationwide election fraud must be exposed in order to change the entire system.

That’s what Trump is doing in my opinion of course

Gary Fisher AMIGO con fe:

Interesting. I am assuming civil and military courts will be involved on some level. 

They may not have to 25th him, impeach him or arrest him. If we look at his age and health condition with dementia he could experience the clinton-cide disease. 

Or, he may just check out with by natural causes. ??

Joe Lange:

It’s a military operation with two separate fronts according to the Counterinsurgency guide.

Military and civilian

Joel Gibler:

So now that Trump has sounded off on CNN about Congress’s financial trouble, I’m waiting for Congress to do something that shows they were listening to him, or following a devolution script…

Peachy Grits:

…Burning Bright’s substack article. Enjoy!

Bright Brief – Take the Win

Sometimes, the Surface Level IS the Deep Dive

Max Munger Amigo:

“The courts are not in on Trump and the military’s plan, my friend, and the timing of it.  Remember, Q said, less than 10 know the plan”

That’s an incomplete version of the reality of what’s going on. 

Q said that we could count on 2 hands the amount of people who are aware of the FULL plan. 

But there are probably hundreds if not thousands if not tens of thousands of people who know THEIR PART and their part only. 

I’ll just explain one example: Kari Lake. Her part in the plan is clearly to keep election fraud in the minds of the public and to get it to courts. Does that mean she knows EVERY SINGLE thing? Of course not. But it does mean she knows her part of the plan. No more, no less. 

And this is true for so many people. Tucker Carlson, Kevin McCarthy, many Military members such as the Combattant Commanders (I believe 1-2-3 of them may know everything but that’s it. The others just know their precise part) and so on. 

If the job of the courts is to rule that the 2020 election was unconstitutional and illegal and fraudulent and needs to be tossed out then they only know that. Do they know everything about the Q plan and Devolution? Of course not. But they know their precise part in the plan. Again, IF that’s Trump’s plan. 

To recap, saying they don’t know the full plan is, with all due respect, irrelevant. They don’t need to know the FULL plan. They just need to know their part.


It’s beside the point Max whether they know about it or not… If you fall for the idea that the courts can overturn a presidential election, you’re falling for something that is unconstitutional and it’s not going to happen IMO.  That’s not to say that there can’t be evidence heard at some point in the courts, just that they cannot remove a president.

Max Munger Amigo:

We amigos and amigetttes have had this debate dozens of time before, so I won’t start one again, but, as Joe said, the plan is for the Rothschilds’ financial system to come down under Biden so that he gets the blame, and then the election fraud is exposed and Biden ousted. 

We know the Military is following the COIN manual which implies to restore the public’s trust in institutions. 

SCOTUS is gonna follow the Constitution and restore its trust to the public when election fraud is exposed, AFTER the financial crash which is necessary to take down the Cabal.

Cristobal Hafner:


THE HUGE “Q”……………..uestion to @JdLange & @JJ] and all the Spitballers!

“MILITARY Intelligence ref above is the absolute biggest inside drop this board will ever receive.

Now think about why Antifa plays right into the plan? Always ahead. Good guys are winning.”


MILITARY Intelligence v FBI CIA NSA 

No approval or congressional oversight 

State Secrets upheld under SC 

Who is the Commander and Chief of the military?

Under what article can the President impose MI take over investigations for the 3 letter agencies? What conditions must present itself? Why is this so VERY important? Who surrounds POTUS? They lost this very important power _ the one area of the govt not corrupt and directly serves POTUS.”

“Who controls the NG?

Why was the NG recently activated in select cities within the US?

Can the NG work in coordination w/ the marines?

Do conditions need to be satisfied to authorize?

What former President used the MILITARY to save the republic and what occurred exactly?

Biggest drop to ever be provided on Pol. Study and prepare. The masses tend to panic in such situations. No war. No civil unrest. Clean and swift.”

“Note MI has the same SAPs as NSA, CIA etc as designated post 9-11. 

Why is this relevant?

Who can be held hostage and controlled?

CIA thinks its foreign offshore assets are strong enough to defend against the US executive (not accounting for MILITARY use on domestic soil). 

Why does the Constitution explicitly grant this authority to the President and what is it to prevent?

They knew our agencies would grow in power so much so they could/can hold the executive hostage or engage with bad actors. 

Trump nominated someone new to direct every agency but one. He controls the top.”

Important point in this one: “(not accounting for MILITARY use on domestic soil).”


If Trump failed, if we failed, and HRC assumed control, we as Patriots were prepared to do the unthinkable (this was leaked internally and kept the delegate recount scam and BO from declaring fraud). Dig deeper – missing critical points to paint the full picture. There is simply no other way than to use the military. It’s that corrupt and dirty. Please be safe and pray for those in harms way as they continually protect and serve our great country.”

“Four carriers & escorts in the pacific?

Why is that relevant?

To prevent other state actors from attempting to harm us during this transition? Russia / China?

Or conversely all for NK? Or all three. 

Think logically about the timing of everything happening. 

Note increased MILITARY movement. 

Note NG deployments starting tomorrow.

Note false flags.

Follow Huma.

Prepare messages of reassurance based on what was dropped here to spread on different platforms. 

The calm before the storm.”

Drop #43

…”Simply be diligent – phone numbers will be provided if you witness an uprising or other domestic violence (in addition to 911). Any MILITARY seen is for your protection as well as to demonstrate our resolve. Watch for confirmations tomorrow.”

“Any military seen is for your protection as well as to demonstrate our resolve”

“Ten days.


Scare tactics (MSM).

D’s falling.

R’s walk-away/removed.

SA –> US –> Asia –> EU

Disinformation is real.

Distractions are necessary….

…Why is this relevant?

SA (1), US (2), Asia (3), EU (4).

Where is POTUS?

Why is this relevant?

MILITARY operations.

Operators in US.

Snow White

The Great Awakening

Godfather III”


A few simple questions in this regard:

Will military action or shadow military operations like Devolution, out of the general public eye in this psychological warfare, transition to kinetic action on American soil?

Cristóbal Hafner, [May 12, 2023 at 3:42:18 PM (May 12, 2023 at 4:16:01 PM)]:

…Will there be a STORM in terms of military action on and off American soil, as well as the “Emergency Broadcast System” following the deep state overstepping certain red lines?

Or on the contrary:

Have all these and other messages from Q been in this regard a PSYOP to confuse the enemy?

Finally, if we believe in the first option, that is, that in the end the military will go into action:

When do you think it would happen, before the elections or motivated by events that occurred during the electoral process and afterwards in 2024?

“To be or not to be, that is THE Q… uestion”

William Shakespeare

Joe Easley:

They wouldn’t be making it up, they would be making the determination that Biden holding the office is unconstitutional. They would not be removing him, just stating that he is there without lawful authority. His removal would be carried out probably by The Secret Service. IMHO

Max Munger Amigo:

The courts aren’t making power up. They’re upholding their role (following the constitution.


I do not agree that there are hundreds or thousands of people that know of their part in the plan. Ergo, that would mean that they know a plan exists. That is not the case, IMO. If you know a plan exists you’re in the know that is only a handful of people. To say some things are going on is not the same as knowing that there is a plan. When the military are given orders to do something, they just follow that order they don’t necessarily know that there is a plan that they are executing or their part in it thereof.

Buffalo Springfield kinda understood it…

Joe Lange:

I think Arizona just because Q purposely mentioned Maricopa

Cristobal Hafner:

Hi Max,

I got the feeling It’s gonna be much more bigger and Biblical than anyone could imagine and Amigos y Amiguettes might be right at some points in a huge paradox, but got the feeling we are missing something HUGE!

Gary Fisher AMIGO con fe:


We all appreciate you. ♥️

If it wasn’t for you and others, with opposing views in some areas, this chat would just be an echo chamber. 

I respect your opinions, as do others, and your resolve to them causing us to think deeper. 

You have a great sense of humor during the debating issues and stand your ground. That is to be applauded. 👏👏👏

Thank you for being a part of this group of amazing people who love you. 

Max Munger Amigo:

It’s not that they know a plan exists, it’s just that they’re being told by their superiors what their job is. 

So they know what to do (example: protecting the American power grid) while not knowing there’s a huge plan out there

Joe Lange:

The whole reason it’s not unconstitutional is because the election was unconstitutional.

You can’t pretend the election was constitutional and that state legislatures broke the law by certifying an unconstitutional election and then say the courts have no jurisdiction.

There are three coequal branches of government.

When the legislatures break the constitution then the courts get to remedy it and protect the constitution.

That’s the way the constitution is set up.


That’s absolutely incorrect… Anyone can look these things up for themselves they don’t have to take my word for it.  First of all, your premise is wrong because the legislatures don’t certify anything.  All the legislatures do is make the laws. Certification comes from the Secretary of state and governor.

The states followed the Constitution and the ECA. They had no choice at a certain point but to finish the certification by the date required by law.  All the legal challenges had to be done before the dates set by the Constitution and the ECA.. 

It also does not give the courts  the right to usurp authority assigned to the states under the constitution.

Max Munger Amigo:


That’s the whole system of checks and balances!

If a President issues an unconstitutional EO, then SCOTUS can take it down

Cristobal Hafner:

If the military were thinking of doing “the impossible” if Killary would have won. 

And as Abraham Lincoln said something like “trespassing the Constitution in Order to save the Constitution and the country” I feel that might happen again in this war, and I got the feeling even would be great at the end of the day for the history of the World…

But that is just my opinion!


I firmly believe there will be military action on US soil and martial law. Q mentions it several times and states that certain laws were pre-lifted to get them the ability to conduct these ops. Based on the Q drops, I’d expect a “corruption purge” similar to what was carried out in Saudi Arabia. But I believe this is only for the higher ups who will go thru tribunals for treason and crimes and humanity.

Durham isn’t bringing down Clinton, Obama, Soros, Roths. That’s what the military will be used for, imo, based on what I intrepret the Q drops to mean.

Joe Lange:

In my opinion the military is already in operations and has been since Trump was sworn in and have been following the Counterinsurgency guide strategy which takes years to accomplish.

We are beginning to reach the final act.

The key to removing the Biden administration and mass arrests is the exposure of the evidence for nationwide election fraud, which is treason.

That’s the trigger for the military to then go public.

The evidence will be presented in court which has been my opinion for a long time.

Cristobal Hafner:


That is a possibility for sure. Nevertheless there are many people in USA that has commited TREASON and are right now ENEMY COMBATANTS!

Plus CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, as International Criminal Court is part of the Deep State I think the military will play a role on that as well…

That is clear also to me Joe!

But I feel and maybe you are thinking the same that the BIGGEST RICO STING OPERATION CASE with all those SEALED INDICTEMENTS have to bring the military to step in against those treasonous acts, cause the nature of the CRIMES are many of them for military Tribunals…

And maybe Huber or other Special Prosecutors are not only civilians, but also military assets…

Maybe I am completely wrong!

K Clancy:

I was listening to a Praying Medic podcast recently on the subject of Q drops. He has an interesting perspective on  the current state of affairs.

ClifFord Capri:

I feel the Crooked political Judges in America through their courts are holding America from bringing true justice to the people..This is where  the deep state have heavily invested interests. The constitution is being ignored and Congress too..District of justice system also..Mainstream Media is used to front page the decisions of these corrupt Political judges too..Prime examples now happening throughout the democratic and some republican states..By doing this America is slowly but surely being destroyed..DEVOLUTION must happen sooner rather than later..

Joe Lange:

Once again you look to the rules in the constitution for a legal and legitimate election.

Was this a legal and legitimate election according to the constitution?

If you answer no to that question then you are admitting that the rules for legal elections no longer apply.

State legislatures do not have the power to take away the peoples constitutional right to vote.

If there is evidence they did that then they no longer have authority according to the constitution.

The problem is that the constitution sets up the parameters for legal elections.

So let’s examine this.

Were the vote totals legal?

Was their cheating or not?

If the vote totals are not legal and you certify it anyway, is the certification legal?

If the certification is not legal then are the electors legal?

If the electors are not legal then are those dates applicable?

It all starts with this one thing.

Were the peoples constitutional right to vote violated or not?

If the answer is yes then the court has the authority and the power to remedy that according to the constitution.

If they don’t then we don’t have a constitution anymore

Cristobal Hafner:

I don’t think the military needs to do that.

Their plan is already working brilliantly

I think it’s always been military and civilian coordinated.

That’s the whole strategy.

It’s all working at the exact same time.

Here’s my Substack on this issue

Joe Lange:

Perhaps when the cabal beast is terribly wounded certain red lines will be crossed leading to military action on American soil, but:

“Swift & CLEAN”

The military will go public when there is a constitutional crisis. That’s what the normies are going to witness so that it doesn’t look like a coup and freak them out.

That’s why I believe the plan has always been to go through the courts


The treason that was committed is what many miss and don’t put enough emphasis on, that and the many crimes against Humanity. These are the acts where focus needs to be, all the stock trading and money laundering are petty in comparison.

Joe Lange:

It’s timed to happen after the global debt system imploads.

Biden is supposed to get all the blame and then election fraud exposed and thrown out.


Matthew 74R:

This is going to be a flawless victory

We could actually see McCarthy take over until 2024.

This will ensure all of this administration will be removed.

Kat Lee:

Q did say that some of the media will be implicated and arrested when it all goes down. Some will just suffer unemployment and humiliation (if they have enough self awareness to be humiliated), and some could possibly be sleepers for the WH.

Joe Lange:

The plan is rolling and nothing is going to stop it

Matthew 74 R:

My other question is the Supreme Court nominee Jackson she’s gotta be removed as well. 

Technically that pick is Trumps

JJ “If we are right about election fraud, Joe Biden can’t be president”. He’s not the president. He usurped the office of the president.

Joe Lange:

Re: checks and balances:


Without it then state legislatures can just steal every election and the country is lost


Hey Joe, As I said earlier …. Legislatures have nothing whatsoever to do with certifications. Legislatures don’t certify anything.  You keep repeating that they did something illegal or unconstitutional with regard to the election certifications, which is wrong.  So, you start from a completely false premise.

No legislature took away anyone’s constitutional right to vote.  All the legislatures do is make the election laws.  State officials oversee the elections and the certifications.  The most that the legislatures could be faulted for perhaps, is not making sure those election laws were followed and enforced.

The legislatures also don’t get to decide which votes are counted and which are not, which are fraudulent and which are not, which are certified and which are not.  All that has to occur through legal challenges, which did happen in 2020.  Trump & his team put in many challenges…. They all failed, up until the date that certifications had to be finalized and sent to Congress.

And yes, whether or not we believe there was fraud in the election does not change the hard dates in the ECA and the 20th amendment.  Those are codified in US law and the Constitution, and have been upheld by the Supreme Ct.

Joe Lange:

Here’s what I think you missed JJ.

Do you remember Giuliani presenting the evidence of fraud to the state legislatures before the election was certified?

Why did he do that?

It was purposeful.

The reason is, state legislatures could have stopped the certification.

They chose not to and are complicit.

They had the power and chose to sit on their hands and let the entire election be stolen.

Am I right?


I am not aware of anything that says legislatures can stop certifications.  I think they presented the evidence so that the legislatures would assist in taking some action on it.

Joe Lange:

Legislatures have the plenary power over elections, right?

The constitution does not say Secretary of State’s or governor’s have power over elections.

It specifically says state legislatures


The Elections Clause, says that state legislatures establish the times, places, and manner of holding elections for the House of Representatives and the Senate, subject to Congress making or altering those state regulations (except as to the place of choosing Senators).

For Presidential elections its a constitutional process and governed by the dates set forth in the ECA & the Constitution. Congress determines ‘when” electors are chosen, states determine “how>  Legislatures have plenary authority to decide how the elections are conducted within those constitutional parameters, and the “manner” in which electors are appointed. Each state appoints its members of the Electoral College in whatever manner the legislature directs.  The states then hold a popular vote as outlined in state law.  The electors who have been appointed are obliged to vote for the winner of the popular vote, as I understand it.

Joe Lange:

You just spelled it out perfectly!

State legislatures under the constitution, establish the manner of holding elections, how the elections are conducted and the states follow state election laws.


Did these states follow state election laws?

No state allows illegals to vote.

No state allows you to vote more than once.

No state law allows unregistered voters.

No state law allows election officials to stuff ballot tabulator machines.

No state law allows mules to dump phony ballots into collection boxes.


So did the state legislatures follow the constitution or are they complicit in the steal?

K Clancy:

Isn’t it  interesting that this summer the Supreme Court is going to decide on a case that may give state legislators a lot more power over elections?


I think are mixing two things to imply that the legislatures are complicit.  My understanding is that the legislatures set the rules regarding elections, but they are not an enforcement arm.  The problem in 2020 was that the rules that they had set were violated by State Courts, state governors and other officials who usurped the authority of the legislature and bypassed state law, to illegally change election laws.  Trump has talked about it many times…how they didn’t have the approval of the legislature.  My recollection as that many states fought back, but didn’t get far.  

I believe this question is part of the basis of the Moore v Harper case, whether state legislatures have absolute authority over and above state courts.  So we shall see how that turns out.

Joe Lange:

That isn’t what happened though.

A few people in a few legislatures were fighting to stop the steal but none of the state legislatures.

The only state legislature that did anything was Arizona who called for a forensic audit which I will argue has been the plan in Maricopa county from the beginning.

The state legislatures had the authority to stop fraudulent elections and chose not to.

There’s no getting around that.

The evidence was laid out before them by Giuliani.

Governors and Secretaries of State do not have authority over state legislatures when it comes to elections and especially when none of them are following state election laws.

You are handing their constitutional authority over to governors and SOS.

The constitution says otherwise in my opinion

Boom again!!!

Joe Lange:

I agree. Military overseeing a new election with exactly what Trump keeps saying.

All paper ballots, voter ID and one day voting.

That’s how they hand back authority to a civilian government elected by the people.


The state legislatures could have all rejected the electors based on fraud.

None of them chose to do it.

There’s no getting around that. They control elections under the constitution, not governors or SOS.

They can’t reject the electoral votes after it’s gone through the electoral college.

Each state has a state constitution that must comply with federal laws and the constitution.

Joe Lange:

They were shown evidence of fraud by Giuliani before the elections were certified.

The state legislatures could easily have stopped the process and chose not to.

There’s no excuse.

They had the power to stop it which is exactly why Giuliani was presenting the evidence to them and not governors or SOS’s who don’t have constitutional power over elections

Gary Fisher AMIGO con fe:

I completely agree.

Military is the only way means the military taking over after evidence of fraud presented in courts and then them overseeing a new election without fraud then handing power back to the newly elected civilian government.

That’s following the constitution.

When elections are corrupt, it will take an unprecedented legal action to fix it.

There’s more — there’s always more. So if you want to lurk and learn, Spitballers is a great channel to add to your Telegram list.

By Radiopatriot

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  1. I read through this twice because I wanted to make sure who was saying what.

    As usual Joe Lange seems to be the one who’s most on point. It seems that JJ Mil can’t seem to get it through their head that the 2020 election *DID NOT* follow the constitution and the state legislatures committed crimes by changing their own constitutions for the 2020 election, therefore making their states’ election unconstitutional.

    That opens up resolutions that aren’t covered explicitly — meaning the courts should/can and hopefully will resolve the issues and *should* declare the results fraudulent. The electoral votes are null and void.

    Joe Lange is correct. The resolution should not include the governor nor the Sec. of State.

    We can only guess when the military will step in although I think Joe Lange is correct about the sequence of events … the crash of the deep state/cabal/Rothschild CB system will be followed by the decision by the Arizona Supreme Court or SCOTUS on election fraud — *then* Martial Law will be declared.


    For some reason I don’t have a clue about, when I get on Telegram it decimates my RAM and the computer slows to a crawl, then I have to restart it which takes about 30-45 minutes to get it back up, running and windows/tabs in place so that I can continue. It’s been like that since I first used Telegram. This computer is only about three years old so I don’t think I should be having this problem … grrrrrr.

    IN GREAT NEWS: The Florida Panthers WON the series against the Toronto Maple Leafs tonight and they are going to the FINALS (First time since 1996!!)!!

    1. I’m thinking that Telegram is data heavy and that might be slowing down your computer. Not too savvy on the tech stuff on my end. Is there a computer expert nearby who could help you figure it out?

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