“We conclude the Department and FBI failed to uphold their important mission of strict fidelity to the law”

The Durham Report excerpts:

“Certain critical activity in the investigation was delayed for months due to, among other things, concerns that “a politician [Clinton] [was] involved,” and that the investigation might interfere with a presumed future presidential campaign.”

Comey refused to be interviewed by Durham’s SCO.

Strzok agreed to provide information to the Durham SCO re: Alfa Bank investigation, “but otherwise declined to be interviewed by the Office” concerning his role in Crossfire Hurricane.

Priestap agreed to provide info re Alfa Bank investigation to Durham SCO, “but otherwise declined to be interviewed by the Office” re his role in Crossfire Hurricane.

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Mark my words …

    Those TRAITORS listed above will get a free, one-way ticket to GITMO to keep their fellow TRAITOR John Brennan company for a short period of time while they await their TRIALS for TREASON.

    Military TREASON trials don’t muck around for months and months. They are just like Quick Trip — in and out. Just sayin’. (j/s)

    Shoot ’em, hang em’ and burn ’em.


    In other news:

    I have been watching the National Hockey League playoffs for the Stanley Cup. The Dallas Stars and Seattle ‘Kraken’ were tied three games each; tonight Dallas won the seventh game, winning the seven game series and going to the finals.

    The beaten Seattle ‘Kraken’ gets to go back to their libtard ‘Climate Pledge Arena’ ((Yup, that’s what they named it)).

    Karmas’ a bitch, Seattle.

    The playoffs give me somewhat of a mental break from the battles still habbening IRL. (I’ve played hockey off and on since I was in junior high school and have always loved it.)

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