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>Imo, there is still much we, the public, do not know. For example, the contents of the 29 page appendix to the Durham Report, which is Classified! — Marsha Wills, Spitballers

>There are no coincidences.  And more than ever…I think things are being timed out intentionally.- Kat Lee, Spitballers

>How will the public be more aware? CNN was covering it yesterday. It is happening.

>They are not deltas for today, but I’d like to share for your viewing pleasure drop 3524 & 4081.  This is why I believe that the people who perpetrated these crimes, will NOT go unpunished! – JJmil, Spitballers

Great retweet from Dan Scavino….

Very interesting Q drop 726 connected to the timestamp.

A list of Russians on a plane crash, one of which was associated with the dossier and/or uranium one!

And Q says, “Over the target.”

NOTE the misspelling of the word “prosecutors”


ClifFordCapri, [May 16, 2023 at 4:06:00 AM]:

Durham knew he wouldn’t get indictments through a Washington controlled Democratic state so no point at all .Being signed off by Merrick Garland was good enough .That has given it 100% accuracy in its disclosure.

The Durham report is all about factual ammunition to fire back at MSM FBI CIA OBAMA CLINTON’S etc etc

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