Can you believe this?


What will we do with the portraits of Nannie Pelousy when she’s arrested, tried, and convicted for her crimes? For that matter, why is Paul Ryan being honored?

These people live in a world of their own making.

Here are some of the comments at Twitter:

>I’ve always thought the process was narcissist, but also understand it grabs a piece of history too. However there’s no need to ever call Nancy P a special guest, she hates you, half of America, and took strategic steps al

>Our country is in turmoil and you are celebrating yourselves. Release the J6 tapes and we will celebrate with you. If not, you should resign.

>How much is this going to cost us? How did you pay for it? We’re broke

>Sorry, but this is not a proud thing….Congress will go down in history as a failed institution.

>Unbelievable, the country is swirling around the toilet bowl, but these Uniparty clowns are rewarding themselves.

>His company has been actively dismantling our countries discourse and you’re going to reward him?

>You are freaking kidding me right now! You think we the people are interested in THIS??? You constantly misread the conservative room.

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Hopefully, this “portrait” will become one of the many “Convicted for Treason” pictures hanging in the “Wall of Shame” across the country! He certainly shouldn’t be honored as a Speaker of the House since he did absolutely nothing beneficial for the country! Rhinos celebrating rhinos!

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