Just Human’s take on Durham Report

First thoughts on the Durham Report:

I feel an odd weight of disappointment and slight confusion that Durham dropped a final report and is done after testifying. It comes from this not being what I expected or wanted. 

However, I am not sad or bummed in the slightest. 

I am stoked, giddy, thrilled and encouraged to see what is in this report. There’s so much here and in a sense we are closing a chapter (Durham SCO) so that we can open a new one (Post Durham Report).

Durham is telling THE story of the events he was tasked to investigate in this Report, just like he did in those indictments and filings. There are so many nuggets of information in this thing and we will see it cited over and over and over again going forward. 

And the consequences that will come from this… whew. This is 300+ pages of ammo (figuratively) against the Deep State. Meticulously investigated and logged, compiled, organized and now presented. 

This is 300+ pages of PAIN for [THEM].  (see drop)

All of us are right about some things and wrong about others and we ALL just took a massive leap towards finding out what we got right and what we got wrong with the delivery of this report. 

Trump is absolutely vindicated by the Durham Report. 

Today was a damn good day.

I’ve been threading about the Durham Report on Twitter at the link below. Will pick it up again tomorrow morning.

Surreal to see that headline from that outlet.

CNN: Special Counsel John Durham finds the FBI should not have launched an investigation into Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia during the 2016 election


Interesting how all these Infowars affiliated individuals are trying to undermine Durham.

President Trump – These are sick people. Can you imagine if I was taken out of office for something I’d never even heard of?

Remember when crooked Adam Schiff walked out to the press and said Donald Trump Jr. is going to prison for life over what he’s done with Russia? He knew it was all a hoax. 

President Trump says he’s going to endorse Schiff for Senate so he’ll lose.


Remember when Adam Schiff said he had more than circumstantial evidence? Yeah… that didn’t age well.

Retweet to Adam: https://twitter.com/Nevstv/status/1658452990829764609

You mean… like a Special Counsel can? 


Just want to take a moment to zoom in on this line and commit it, weld it, to our of view of the Durham Report itself. 

Much of what is in this Report at one time or another was either unknown or a hunch, a rumor, a suspicion, a hypothesis, a theory, a belief…

Before it was determined to be a fact.

The mainstream media is the enemy of the people! It’s time to start getting your news from independent journalists who are beholden to no one and have no agenda other than the truth.

These are the principals that created Badlands Media. 🔥

Thank you General 🤯

President Trump says he’s pleased with the Durham report and it’s been wildly praised. He wishes it wouldn’t have taken this long, but the outcome is treason. 

Now we need accountability!

Just Human #204: The Durham Report

LIVE this morning at 9:30am EST. “Today, I’ll be going over the Durham Report on my show. Probably gonna be the first in a short series of shows going through it page by page.”

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  1. All this information we knew before Durham did anything. This could have all been released before the 2020 Election!

    Trust Durham? What for? So he could sit on this until it had no effect on the election?

    Another defusing of the base.

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