EXCLUSIVE – How Putin could spark riots, blackouts and wipe billions from the economy by severing Britain’s undersea cables and pipelines: UK faces ‘disastrous’ scenario if Russia cuts off vital links, experts warn

Fears are growing that Russia could target the arteries that keep the UK alive: Cables and pipes that carry everything from gas to electricity, banking data to military communications.


By Radiopatriot

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  1. Oh but…..GREEN energy. How about your windmills and solar panels??????? Remember???? Your electric cars and 15 min cities …… what use do you have for cable delivered?????

  2. Sorry, I could only view this as a WIN for the UK citizens. No more surveillance apparatus, no more PC “police”, no more hounding by the Official News. It would give real Britons a chance to stand up and fight back.

  3. This is EXACTLY how the deep state / cabal have controlled the sheeple for over a century. baaaaaaa baaaaaaa

    Guess who is coming up with these FEAR TACTICS. (HINT: you don’t have to study to get the answer.)

    What are the REAL chances Putin would carry out attacks like that on the citizens of England?

    How about ZERO.

    England is NO THREAT to Russia. Now, OTOH, king chucky might be. Him alone.

    Don’t be a sheeple.


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