Was he drunk?

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Taaaaadaaaaa.

    Little Bush following his daddys’ footsteps.

    They NEVER found those wEaPoNs Of MaSs DeStRuCtIOn *************!!

    Imagine that.

    His daddy *intentionally* attempted to introduce “The New World Order” and how great it would be for our Nation in a sales pitch for NAFTA in January 1992.

    I watched the evil criminal TRAITOR *live* on the boob tube that evening.

    His speech can be found on Rumble or BitChute.

    They have to disclose what their actions will be. It’s Satans’ way.

    It will be their downfall.

    They think they’ll put the remnants of Humanity in concentration camps and only allow us to eat bugs. Because “cLiMaTe ChAnGe”.

    They want to kill billions with their *intentional ‘plagues’*.

    The normies are waking up and more are listening. Educate them on what the deep state / cabal / W.H.O. are doing. The proof is all around us.

    Their end is getting closer.


  2. Did you know that when Bush was governor of Texas, they passed a law stating that hospitals did not have to treat or do anything for a patient after 10 days in the hospital! They just changed that law to 25 days recently! Talk about what is inhumane! This tells me more then I ever wanted to know about George Bush!

  3. Yup, he was drunk. He should be in a drunken state every time he gives a speech. That way we’ll hear the truth every time he opens his yap.

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