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Are CBDCs The Path To Fear, or Freedom?

Trump’s Safe Haven Plan


The global financial debt slavery system is coming to an end. 

It is going to collapse under a massive weight of debt that was never going to be paid back. 

The world is in debt by hundreds of trillions of dollars and has reached the point where countries can no longer make the interest payments on that debt. We were always going to reach this point where there would need to be a “Great Reset.”

When I started this series on the financial system, I made the point that the U.S. dollar was the cabal’s Achilles heel. The cabal set it up as the world’s reserve currency and then made a deal with Saudi Arabia as the world’s biggest oil producer, to only accept the dollar as payment for oil. These two things made the dollar the dominant currency for all global trade and financial transactions. The dollar is tied to almost everything financially and Central banks are forced to hold large amounts of dollars for trade and currency exchange.

The dollar allows the cabal to fully control the world. They have been able to dictate foreign policy and punish those countries that don’t play by their rules by using the dollar as a weapon.

The dollar was a Keystone.

Here is a portion of an early Q post:

The nation that dominates and has influence over all others is the United States.

The Keystone to the cabal’s world domination was the U.S. dollar.

Trump took control over the most dominant nation in the world, not just militarily, but financially.

In a previous article I made the case that Trump controls the Federal Reserve and the dollar, and is using them to bankrupt the global debt system. You have to collapse the system if you want to replace it.

There are two competing narratives for the coming Great Reset.

The real question is, whose Great Reset will succeed?

Will it be Trump’s plan or the cabal’s plan?

Will it be financial freedom for the people or complete cabal control of the people?

Here’s the thing I think a lot of people need to remember: The cabal already controls everything financially. What’s been happening and what I’ve been writing about in my financial series, is that we are witnessing the complete dismantling of the global debt slavery system that has been controlled by the cabal for many generations.

In my last article, I laid out the evidence of not just the United States returning to the gold standard, but the entire world going back to a gold standard. Central banks all around the world are buying record amounts of gold. 

In this article, I want to focus on CBDCs. (Central Bank Digital Currencies.)


Because all I hear from a lot of people is how bad CBDCs are, and how they’re the cabal’s plan to control the world completely. Even more than they do now.

I don’t fear any of this.


Because people are only hearing one side of the story. The fear focuses on the enemy’s plans, assuming their outcome will prevail and that they are in control of what’s happening.

I reject that assumption.

I believe Trump and the military are in control of what’s happening, and the enemy is reacting to what is being forced upon them. Like a master chess game, they are being moved into a position of checkmate, and CBDC is one of those moves.

I will break this down in three parts:

  1. The global aspect of CBDC: What’s really driving it.
  2. The advantages of CBDC: Things that are being ignored.
  3. The plan for CBDC: Why it should be welcomed, not feared.

My hope is to help people see this important aspect of the plan in a different light, which offers hope instead of fear.

1. The Global Aspect of CBDCs

What is driving the push globally for CBDCs?

Most people are being told that the central banks are creating digital currency as part of a “grand plan” to control every currency along with every single transaction by an individual or business, in order to completely control the world financially.

Was this really “their” plan, or are they “reacting” to outside forces?

Digital currency is based on one thing: Blockchain technology.

Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that is decentralized. The opposite of what the cabal wants, and clearly not their plan.

What are distributed ledgers?

According to Investopedia:

A distributed ledger is a database that is consensually shared and synchronized across multiple sites, institutions, or geographies, accessible by multiple people. It allows transactions to have public “witnesses.” The participant at each node of the network can access the recordings shared across that network and can own an identical copy of it. Any changes or additions made to the ledger are reflected and copied to all participants in a matter of seconds or minutes.

A distributed ledger stands in contrast to a centralized ledger, which is the type of ledger that most companies use. A centralized ledger is more prone to cyber attacks and fraud, as it has a single point of failure.

Underlying distributed ledgers is the same technology that is used by blockchain, which is the technology that is used by bitcoin. Blockchain is a type of distributed ledger used by bitcoin.

Does anybody think that Bitcoin was part of the cabal plan? A technology that decentralizes things and makes transactions open and transparent? 

I’ve made the case in a previous article on the value of Bitcoin being the catalyst for decentralizing the entire system. Bitcoin has been the vehicle for rapid innovation in digital technology. I don’t think the timing of Bitcoin and blockchain technology was a coincidence at all. It’s actually part of the plan to bring down the cabal.

Ask yourself a simple question:

What came first?

Bitcoin or CBDC?

Bitcoin has “forced” central banks to react to digital currencies. They have been forced to compete with technology that is improving because of cryptocurrencies and innovations from fintech companies. Central banks are in a rush to develop digital currencies because of competition, not because it was part of their grand scheme.

Bitcoin started the drive for CBDC, but what is driving the rush for it now?


The BRICS have already created a separate and parallel global financial system that is no longer dependent on the cabal, or the U.S. dollar. They are creating separate trade deals with each other, using their own currencies to get away from the dollar control. As the dollar continues to devalue, more and more countries will do the same.

Nineteen countries have applied to join the BRICS so far, and that number will continue to grow.

According to The Cradle:

Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Algeria, Egypt, Bahrain, and Iran have formally asked to join the BRICS group of nations as it prepares to hold its annual summit in South Africa.

In total, 19 nations have expressed interest in joining the emerging-markets bloc of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, according to Anil Sooklal, South Africa’s ambassador to the group.

Earlier this month, Bloomberg revealed that BRICS is expected to soon surpass the US-led G7 states in economic growth expectations.

Per their analysis, while G7 and BRICS nations each contributed equally to global economic growth in 2020, the western-led bloc’s performance has recently declined. By 2028, the G7 is expected to make up just 27.8 percent of the global economy, while BRICS will make up 35 percent.

The estimations came just a few weeks after the Deputy Chairman of Russia’s State Duma, Alexander Babakov, revealed that BRICS is working on developing a “new currency” that will be presented at the organization’s upcoming summit.

Did you catch that last part?

BRICS nations are working on developing a “new currency” that will be presented at the summit, along with discussion of allowing these other nations to join.

This BRICS summit is happening in August, where they are planning on ditching the dollar and coming up with a new currency backed by gold, along with other commodities. 

The fiat global financial system is coming to an end.

China started the movement by purchasing oil in Yuan that can be immediately converted into gold on their own oil and gas exchange. The Shanghai Petroleum and Natural Gas Exchange was opened in March 2018, which allows all oil producers in the world to sell their oil for yuan instead of dollars and then convert it into gold on the Shanghai Gold Exchange.

The BRICS have ripped control of the world’s oil supply away from the cabal and are now replacing the dollar that the cabal has used as a weapon against the world.

Russia is leading the movement into a new currency backed by gold.

According to Ledger Insights:

Last week Vladimir Putin pushed back on international sanctions against Russia, suggesting the creation of a digital currency payment system for cross border transactions independent of banks and similar to hawala. 

“We are all well aware that in today’s illegitimate restrictions, one of the lines of attack is settlements,” said Putin during a Sberbank conference on Artificial Intelligence.

“Today, the international payment system is expensive, its system (of) correspondent accounts and regulation are controlled by a narrow club of states and financial groups… In fact, they are the masters of life. They really control everything (through a) monopoly.”

The President gave the nod to the hawala remittance system, which works in parallel to the banking system. “Based on digital currency technologies and distributed registries, it is possible to create a new system of international payments, and much more convenient. But at the same time completely safe for participants and completely independent of banks and third-party interference,” Putin is quoted as saying.

Putin himself spelled out what was going to happen.

A parallel financial system using digital currency, based on distributed ledgers, safe for participants and completely independent of banks and third-party interference.

That’s what’s coming, and the BRICS nations are forcing it on the cabal. The cabal is reacting to this development of digital currency, not leading it. BRICS digital currency will be backed by gold, along with other commodities outside of the cabal’s control.

2. Advantages to CBDCs

We’ve all heard the fear mongering about CBDCs and the control they give the cabal over every transaction. They assume there will be no more cash, which I don’t believe will happen at all. 

My last article focused on a return to the gold standard and how states are making gold and silver coins legal tender. We are going back to the constitution. Our paper and digital money will be backed by gold and “redeemable,” which means we aren’t getting rid of cash. 

So what are the advantages to “digital”currency?

According to Forbes:

“Benefits of Digital Currency

  • Faster payments. Using digital currency, you can complete payments much faster than current means, like ACH or wire transfers, which can take days for financial institutions to confirm a transaction.
  • Cheaper international transfers. International currency transactions are very expensive. Individuals are charged high fees to move funds from one country to another, especially when it involves currency conversions. Digital assets could disrupt this market by making it faster and less costly.
  • 24/7 access. Existing money transfers often take more time during weekends and outside normal business hours because banks are closed and can’t confirm transactions. With digital currency, transactions work at the same speed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Support for the unbanked and underbanked. More than 7 million American households do not have a bank account, according to the FDIC in a 2019 survey. They end up paying costly fees to cash their paychecks and send payments to others through money orders or remittances. If the country launched a CBDC, unbanked individuals could access their money and pay their bills without extra charges.
  • More efficient government payments. If the government developed a CBDC, it could send payments like tax refunds, child benefits and food stamps to people instantly, rather than trying to mail them a check or figure out prepaid debit cards.

Can you see the advantages to digital currency, compared to the cabal-controlled system we live under right now?

The transactions happen within minutes. Why is that important? 

Under the ACH system we are using right now, the transactions are controlled by a third party under the control of the cabal. Electronic currency under ACH is different than digital currency using blockchain technology. 

What is ACH?

ACH: Automated Clearing House network.

Payments through ACH do not happen in minutes; they can take several days for the actual transfer of money to be official. It also allows cabal control to cancel the transactions before they are made official. The cabal has the power right now to freeze your account and credit cards. 

By contrast, digital currency is peer to peer and happens almost instantly, eliminating the third party control of transactions. That means more freedom for individuals.

The FedNow program is a peer-to-peer payment system, not a digital currency. It’s an important part of the plan because the FED has built a peer to peer platform that every financial service in the country can access, and it also eliminates the fees others charge.

Digital dollar transactions also happen 24/7 and 365 days a year. No more bank weekends and holidays limiting access to your own money. More freedom and control to the people.

Digital currency will also eliminate extra fees usually required by banks and credit card companies. You keep more of your own money.

More efficient government payments is a huge deal. No more fraudulent payments that the cabal purposely built into the system for illegals, people in prison or unqualified persons. It helps eliminate fraud.

I hope you can see the advantages that a digital dollar will offer to the American people.

3. The plan to use CBDCs to save the world.

In order to understand why CBDC is an important part of saving the world, you need to understand what the world is being saved from. 

Every single person that I follow for financial information are all singing the same tune: they’re saying the coming financial crash is far bigger than the credit crisis in 2008 and even looks worse than the depression. 


Because the entire world is in far more debt than it was during the depression, and the world financial system has been completely centralized around the dollar. So the coming crash will effect the entire world, not just a few countries or regions.

Hearing this and seeing the data points being revealed in the media to back it up, has had me worried about how bad it’s going to get and the amount of suffering that will occur. I knew there had to be a plan in place to move us out of the debt slavery system and into an honest money system, but I couldn’t see how Trump was going to prevent a total worldwide depression when fiat currencies collapse.

But three things have now become very clear to me and are very important in this plan. I’ve written about the first two already.

  1. The BRICS nations “building a new parallel global financial system” that the world can move into that is not controlled by the cabal.
  2. The entire world, including the U.S., is already preparing to move back to a “gold standard and honest money.”
  3. CBDC is the “path to freedom.”

This article is about the third part of the plan that is equally important. It involves CBDCs and is not a plan by the cabal, but instead part of the plan to “move the world” into the new gold-backed financial system.

Have you ever asked yourself why Trump hasn’t bashed CBDCs?

Right Wing media does just about every day, along with governors and members of Congress.

I think there’s a good reason Trump doesn’t bash CBDCs.

CBDC is the “tool” that will be used to quickly move us into the new system when the global debt system and the dollar crash, while limiting the timeframe of suffering. That is important. Blockchain technology allows transactions to happen in minutes, not days or weeks. This technology was “needed” in order to prevent another depression.

Why do I believe this?

I wrote a previous article on Trump rolling the Federal Reserve into the Treasury. Trump still controls the Treasury and the FED because of devolution and Continuity of Government plans already in place.

Who is really behind the push for a CBDC?

It’s only Trump’s most trusted advisor. The same guy who has been tasked with the biggest behind the scenes developments in the Trump administration, and a guy who never leaks anything.

Who is it?

Jared Kushner is the driving force behind the push for a CBDC by the Federal Reserve.

According to CNBC:

New documents show that one of former President Donald Trump’s most trusted and senior advisors was secretly pushing for the White House to lean into crypto, well before skyrocketing crypto prices reignited mainstream interest in the space.

In 2019, when crypto was in the midst of a multi-year bear market, Jared Kushner — a senior adviser and Trump’s son-in-law — was quietly advocating for a U.S. digital dollar, in which the Fed would launch its own central bank digital currency. This is according to a 250-page dump of Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s crypto-related e-mail correspondence from his four years at Treasury, which was obtained by CoinDesk through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

What did the email obtained through FOIA actually say?

“Steven – Would you be open to me bringing a small group of people to have a brainstorm about this topic?” Kushner wrote.

“My sense is it could make sense,” Kushner continued, “and also be something that could ultimately change the way we pay out entitlements as well saving us a ton in waste fraud and also in transaction costs…”

Kushner was spearheading the effort for a CBDC.

More from the same CNBC article:

Kushner’s take on the CBDC phenomenon ultimately proved prescient.

Few countries were seriously dabbling in national digital currencies in mid-2019, but today, at least 87 countries representing over 90% of global GDP are exploring a CBDC, according to research from the Atlantic Council.

This wasn’t a push by the cabal to control the world by developing CBDCs. They already did control the world. CBDC is a plan to remove the cabal control of the global debt system. Countries around the world are quickly developing a CBDC, and most of them are the same ones buying record amounts of gold. 


They all know the Rothschilds global debt system is ending, and they are preparing to move quickly to a gold-backed currency. 

A decentralized global financial system is coming, one that is open and honest in order to prevent corruption and cabal control in the future. CBDCs with blockchain technology are an essential part of moving the world into the new financial system that offers freedom.

Jared Kushner, Trump’s top aide, was pushing a CBDC behind the scenes. 

But he wasn’t the only one.

In that same article by CNBC, it introduces us to another important player in this Trump plan. Someone else who was emailing Mnuchin about a digital dollar.

According to the same CNBC article:

Before Giancarlo began spearheading the Digital Dollar Project, the former CFTC Chairman was among the crypto progressive voices in the ear of Secretary Mnuchin.

An e-mail exchange from July 2018 shows that Giancarlo, via his executive assistant, was adamant about setting up time for an in-person meeting with the Treasury Secretary.

When CNBC asked about the White House meeting, Giancarlo said he could not recall that specific meeting request, but throughout 2018, he “routinely apprised Secretary Mnuchin of ongoing operation and supervision of the Bitcoin Futures market launched under CFTC oversight in December 2017.”

Who is Christopher Giancarlo?

According to Wikipedia:

Having served as acting CFTC chair since President Trump’s inauguration on January 20, 2017, Giancarlo was nominated by the president to be full-time chair of the commission on March 14, 2017, subject to confirmation by the Senate.[15] He was confirmed by the U.S. Senate on August 3, 2017.

Giancarlo is a blockchain technology advocate and contributor to the global discourse on cryptocurrencies and digital assets.[21][22]Mr. Giancarlo is the founder of the Digital Dollar Project, to “advance exploration of a United States Central Bank Digital Currency,”[23] and former director of financial service company BlockFi.

Trump made Giancarlo head of the CFTC (Commodities Futures Trading Commission), way back in 2017, the very guy who has been pushing hard for a CBDC. 

His push for crypto and blockchain earned him a nickname because of his testimony before Congress. He’s known in crypto circles as “Crypto Dad,” and he has authored a book by the same name.

More importantly, he is the founder of the nonprofit “Digital Dollar Project,” which is pushing for a digital dollar.

According to a Forbes interview:

Forbes: I’m interested in one anecdote, something you learned in the course of researching the book that really kind of became apparent after you’ve dedicated some time to really deeply study these issues.

Giancarlo: It’s this: money is too important to be left to central bankers. At the end of World War I, French prime minister Georges Clemenceau said, “War is too important to be left to the generals.” Similarly, I feel that money is too important to be left to central bankers. A free society has so much to gain from the modernization of our financial system that could be brought about by crypto. But it has so much to lose if it doesn’t have a say in what values are going to be encoded in the future of money, whether it’s non-sovereign money of the likes of Diem or whether it’s sovereign money in the form of a digital dollar.

The values that got us here—values of free enterprise, free economic activity, individual privacy, free of censorship by governments, for legal activities, people need to know that their affairs are private. So the battle, both domestically and internationally, for what those values are going to be in the future of digital money is the essential fight, as I described in my book—the fight for the future of money. And a free society has to speak up. That’s why we launched the Digital Dollar Project.

This is what Trump is fighting for behind the scenes: American values for the digital dollar.

free enterprise, free economic activity, individual privacy, free of censorship by governments, for legal activities, people need to know that their affairs are private.

There is no stopping digital currencies from happening?


The entire world is moving quickly into a new digital age because of blockchain technology. It’s not just money, either. Everything related to data is being digitalized, and whoever doesn’t keep up, will be left behind and at a disadvantage.

The question isn’t whether or not there will be a digital dollar, because there will be. 

The real question is: What will that digital dollar look like, as far as American values are concerned?

I think Trump welcomes that fight and is prepared to make the case for the peoples’ constitutional protections.

But isn’t CBDC just a fiat digital dollar?

Yes, unless it’s backed by gold, which is required by the constitution. 

How do we get to a digital dollar backed by gold?

It’s not a coincidence that several states have banned CBDC and that members of Congress are also speaking out against it. 

All part of the plan. 

Trump is setting up a fight in the courts between the Federal Reserve and the states; it’s not just a fight over the definition of money, but also the constitutionality of the central bank itself.

Trump is trying to set legal precedent in the Supreme Court to remove fiat currencies and the central bank, in order to go back to the original constitution and protect the country in the future. It’s a plan to create a digital dollar, backed by gold, that is “redeemable” and also protects constitutional rights and freedom.

I think Trump prioritized flipping the courts for huge, precedent-setting decisions like this. The path back to the constitution is to have the Supreme Court revisit the Legal Tender and the Gold Clause decisions. I also think they’ll revisit the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 to decide, once and for all if an all powerful central bank is even constitutional.

This entire plan to free the world from a Rothschilds-controlled debt system is actually brilliant, in my opinion.

The fiat money system is being bankrupted and a new global financial system has been built by the BRICS nations to replace it. The majority of countries have repatriated their gold and are buying more in order to back up their own currencies in order to move back to a gold standard. Now there are almost 100 countries working on their own CBDC. 


Blockchain technology will allow for a much faster transformation from a fiat system into an honest money system. It will also force governments and banks to have honest bookkeeping on a distributed ledger that is decentralized and easy to audit.

All of this is a plan to give the power back to the people. To go back to honest money and an honest financial system no longer controlled by a group of elites.

Financial freedom for the first time in our lives.

The best is truly yet to come! 

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  1. Let’s hope he isn’t fooled into doing another Operation Warp Speed and get us into a bad deal.

    I think the author is right that digital currency is here no matter what anyone wants.

    Once they do a CBDC, other crypto and cash will be outlawed. If transactions are transparent we’d be in a social credit score system like China. All it would take is for the Dems to steal another election to subvert any system to their purposes.

    One thing that would always escape the so called transparency of CBDC transactions would be blackmail and bribes with sex or other services for political decisions. Those don’t require currency, only thuggery and forced prostitution. You can bet the elites and organized crime (but I repeat myself) will figure out some workaround, like the assassins’ gold coins in a John Wick movie.

    Also anything government or big corporations do will not be transparent, because there will be two different currencies, one for the plebs and one for them, like in Cuba. Only their currency would have any value abroad.

  2. EXCELLENT!! Was hoping to see something in Joe’s article about the fiat currency most folks now have and what will become of it….all the currency they presently have in checking/savings accounts?…Most cannot invest in gold/silver/bitcoin since they live paycheck to paycheck or are retired on fixed incomes…..will that currency be able to be redeemed for the new digital…will it have equal value? What should most ordinary folks do with the currency they presently have…take it out of banks and put it under their mattresses? Hoping some direction and clarity will be forthcoming to protect the millions financially during what most fear will be a terrible depression. We trust Trump, therefore we feel he has already thought of this and will not let millions of us lose what we have worked their entire lives for.

  3. This piece really turned my head. It’s a perspective I had never considered. Blockchain technology has the promise of keeping the evil ones out of our personal and federal transactions as well as bringing back freedom and real transparency to our republic. I’m intrigued.

  4. Not towards you because you are the messenger and I read your blog daily. What bothers me is what we know about all things digital and upcoming changes is coming from names we don’t recognize. I don’t know who Joe Lange is or another name he may use in his article. And I don’t know who “Whiplash” on Telegram is. He always has updates and he pushes certain names of digital currency over another.

    I do my own reading and am familiar with digital currency, the concerns, etc. From what I have heard through listening to Charlie Ward is that it’s great. Again, I only know him because he has a show and is a Patriot.

    Maybe you can help and in provide a really good source. I’ve watched “Stu” and don’t recall his last name because I didn’t connect with him.

    This life changing event should be communicated by someone that we know, have known of for a long time & can at least feel some comfort or confidence in. What makes me question is because I have heard it many times that it is all about control of our money and our lives. I get Dinar Recaps by email daily and discussions are mostly about the RV and GCR but they do get into digital some.

    This just feels like it IS going to happen and has been developed over years. It also feels like we will wake up one day & it’s here. Will it be great or a disaster? All systems have bugs and they have to be worked out. I get that. It can sometimes take a long time too. The QFS is also to be used for elections and we certainly need a new way for us to vote and be comfortable with it. Otherwise there may be some that won’t use it because of fear of this new system they hear controls us.

    Maybe I’m thinking about it too hard. At this point we need information we can believe in, help others to believe in and make life easier. I can do that if I have real trust. I don’t from Joe Lange (just a name to me but I have agreed w/him on other topics) or Whiplash. Who is he really? If he is that good then we should know. And I would not believe much of anything P Godlewski says. Enough said about him.

    Still open to change but need better understanding. And God knows there are the normies that are too busy to bother to keep up.

    Hopefully you see where I’m coming from. Concern and a bit anxious but not at you or even JL. I would say from our leaders but “real” leaders appear to be scarce now.

    1. I appreciate your comments. I have had the sense that some of the people who resonate with me might themselves be part of the Space Force cyber/digital team, putting out information that we need to know. The challenge is if that’s true, to discern the truth — the wheat from the chaff. The folks I introduce you to here on my site are the ones who make sense to my way of thinking. Many of them admit they’re spitballing, and hold their fire until they’ve got proof – sources they trust. Like Just Human. He proves his theories, and unless he cannot he will state that as well. I have no idea who “Whiplash” is. And only recently discovered WH Grampa, who also makes a lot of sense to me. Of course, I rely on Q’s messages to compare and contrast with what others are saying and/or speculating. As for the bitcoin and crypto currency issue — I believe it is coming, and that all possible eventualities are being accounted for. That’s the best I can do, along with praying to God we’re on the right road.

    2. gotcha….confusing isn’t it? I have also been following the spiritual side of this battle VERY closely since it is the more important side to be on and is REALLY the battle going on (the battle between good and evil)….according to God we have ALREADY won this battle, He will provide, and the BEST is yet to come…..however we the patriots work out the political/economic side must be done with prayer and God’s help….then it will be done in our favor since we HAVE been foretold we won….DJT is THE chosen one and he has given all his (our) success thus far to God….in his recent comments in Iowa he again mentioned prayer and thanks to God many times….the demons have tried and tried…they are not even hiding what they’re doing any longer ….we now know who they are and we are no longer asleep….I am standing firm, holding the line, and have no fear whatsoever…..though we still have a bit of rough road ahead, we should be getting ready to celebrate…the only ones holding us back are those who STILL do not trust in God….pray, we will be fine and very thankful….God Bless DJT….!

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