Haiti and Hillary both begin with Hell

From George Webb’s investigative reports

  • Recap: Using NYT Pulitzer Journalism to connect the dots of how Hillary Commissioned Sid Blumenthal to establish a private army with Muslim Brotherhood and then arm them by taking these stingers in Benghazi and also Sarin gas, and then conquering Gaddafi. Once you got the money from these banks and oil companies, you needed to bring the money back and put it through a funnel, and that’s gonna be the IHRC. And Eric Braverman established that with McKenzie for Hillary’s State Dept in 2010, right after the earthquake in Haiti. Bill Clinton is put in charge of this board…for a year [the 9 complaining board members are cut out of any involvement]…Hillary is putting a lot of State Department money into Haiti for a textile factory.
  • Sid Blumenthal commissioning a private army with NATO General David L.Grange that resulted in Gaddafi’s death, while stealing his gold
  • Kikhia Oil Family TNC issues new licenses to Libya Oil / Tankers (“exiled rubber-stamper for central bank of Libya”)
  • Working theory: the “gold funnel”. Convert assets to gold, diamonds and art, aka “negotiables”, in order to avoid detection by wire transfer tracking agencies. This is how you get the Libyan gold to Haiti.
  • “Set up a gold mining operation in Haiti. Whether [it] is successful or not, you are going to have the [existing, stashed <Libyan> gold] anyway, and you’re going to be able to say “hey we produced this much”. They only have to pay a 2.5% royalty fee to the Haitian government, which is incredibly low by international standards. It’s usually at least 5 to 10 percent…you have this funnel set up for 25 yrs. Every time you topple a country, you convince the Dictator to change over into gold and funnel it through here.
  • Hypothesis: Discussion of the possibility of oiligarchs using a PNE, an underground nuclear weapon, in Haiti at Port Au Prince, to generate a ‘seam’ causing the Haitian earthquake.
  • Caracol near their mining operations is a perfect LNG port and for offshore drilling to make double-use of expensive road-building needed for Hillary’s brother’s gold mine.
  • Hypothesis: South China Sea Scarborough Shoal is where drone was captured. China wants area of S. China Sea between Vietnam and Philippines, and Henry Kissinger is working with China to cut out Vietnam and Phillipino interest in that part of the sea.
  • Haiti happens at this point in George’s talk on the Libya timeline
  • Skoll and Frank Giustra (Canadian, owner of Lionsgate Films and negotiator for Uranium 1 sale ) go to Hollywood
  • Tembo and CCC go to disaster areas and rebuild infrastructure
  • Carlos Slim involved in the port, drugs and sex trafficking
  • (PNE) Peaceful Nuclear Explosion used by Russia to explode nuclear weapon undersea for oil exploration.
  • Hillary Clinton flew down to Haiti after the earthquake and stayed in her plane.  She negotiated the release of this Laura Silsby gal who got arrested for child trafficking, taking children from Port Au Prince to northern part of Haiti. And it reminded me so much of the Loretta Lynch episode with the plane. You land the plane but you don’t get off. People come to the plane and you do your deals and then you fly off.
  • Monica Petersen – sex trafficking journalist, surmised that Hillary’s brother’s gold mine close to the Bill/Hillary Clinton-run 300M textile factory sweatshop at Caracol Industrial Park Complex was simply a cover story for a sex-trafficking brothel. She went to the mine and didn’t see the mining activity. That’s where I got the idea yesterday that maybe that’s a “gold funnel” for now until they perfect their mining techniques.
  • Hillary put in $6B in funds to Caracol, Haiti via USAID, including for Carlos Slim’s Mexican cement company Cemex, to build roads
  • Formulaic approach to completely exploiting a country: Take the Oil, all the Minerals, all the Human Capital, low-wage labor. Then to get into the United States, you sell bribes to get ‘no tariff’ manufacture into US and cheap labor for Walmart. Quid pro quo, Walmart will give you a donation. It’s a one-stop shop
  • Cheryl Mills email reveals Dominican Republic interests are the mining in Haiti, so they’ll be sucking the resources out of Haiti to build luxury hotels…”to destroy Haiti”.
  • Andrew Mccabe is protecting a child trafficking network — I don’t know if walnut is a person from Haiti, pasta from Syria, pizza from Turkey?
  • George confirms with the viewers that the proof of taking over countries through Clinton Foundation is revealed through Hillary, Petraus Centcom emails.
  • Trapping people as human shields–as exposed by Eva Bartlett–gives George the hypothesis it could also be used as a sex-trafficking ratline.
  • Obama is not part of the Timber Sycamore. (NOTE: President Barack Obama secretly authorized the CIA to begin arming Syria’s embattled rebels in 2013. The program became public knowledge in mid-2016.)

  • [Day 61 pt2]
    • 1000 Worker Dormitory and workers given Digital cellphones with GPS and Microfinancing capabilities, enabling drug trafficking and prostitution.
    • Hillary is tracking all these people via their phones: “…a way to manage your inventory”
    • We need all the data to subpoena the data for Hillary, Silsby and Petersen
    • $6B is not accounted for, which frustrates Eric Braverman
    • Clintons shouldn’t be taking in donations under the auspices of humanitarian aid, the Clintons shouldn’t be building private owned factories, “these are bad connections”.
    • Resources being taken out of Haiti and being used to build Luxury Hotels in Dominican Republic
    • Ebay founder Skoll and Giustra making social justice films in Hollywood; they are associated with consolidated contractors company. Tembo is about post-conflict resolution, and using “spin” to make post-conflict contruction look “humanitarian”
    • They use social justice people to convince families to let their people go work and live at the factory, then gradually introduce them into prostitution and drug dealing
    • George mentions the numerous Huma Abedin to Laura Silsby emails, describing a ‘chomping at the bit’ of Hillary’s to get this operation going
    • The FBI emails into Hillary’s investigation are critical to proving child sex trafficking
    • QUID PRO QUO Andrew McCabe is obstructing justice, likely because his wife Jill McCabe took 500k (675k?) from a Clinton ally for her Virginia Senatorial Run 

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