Tip of the Iceberg

By some miracle, Republicans managed to time the news cycle correctly last week. The Durham report was released, excoriating the FBI’s handling of pretty much everything since Former FBI Director Robert Muller. 

And, the House Judiciary Committee held additional whistleblower hearings. Things could hardly look worse for the FBI — and, the once venerable institution deserves the scorn and opprobrium being heaped on it by the bucket full.

What exists now, barely more than a year out from my retirement, is unrecognizable.

The culture of the FBI was radically changed by former Director Robert Muller. The culture can be changed again by a director with a mandate. Everything else is a distraction. We need the head of the snake — the White House. And, at this point, the only candidate with a proven track record of exercising a mandate is former President Donald Trump.’


The Weaponization of the FBI: the Tip of the Iceberg Our country is in peril, perhaps like never before.

John Nance, FPM.com

By Radiopatriot

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