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“I’m laughing way too hard at this Trump/Pence kayfabe. I know Just Human prefers the Trump/Barr one but for me the Trump/Pence one takes the cake. It is priceless and I wished more people could see it for what it is: a fake feud designed to trick the enemy into passing an ECA reform, which they did in late 2022, to prevent Dems in 2024 to do precisely what Trump was publicly asking Pence to do on J6. And I say “publicly” for a reason. I don’t believe Trump actually wanted Pence to reject the electors. They knew long before the election was even held they were gonna have to walk away. 

And as you know, I’ve always believed they’ll run again together. The military vetted Trump for the job, and if they vetted him you can be sure they also vetted Pence. Unless one of the two had a fatal health problem, they’ll run again and finish the job the military vetted/recruited them for. 

I do have a slight disagreement with you which is this: when he says a “peaceful transfer of power,” I do not believe the emphasis should be put on “transfer of power” but on “peaceful.” Had Pence rejected the electors the US would’ve seen a civil war which would’ve killed potentially a few million people. He avoided that.

By Radiopatriot

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