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July 26, 2023
The military won’t have to explain anything. You’re not looking at things through a Normies perspective. Everything is about the normies. They don’t know any of this. They are starting to suspect things but have seen no evidence yet. When the evidence is produced in court, it will change everything. All three movies playing at once. Even the child trafficking is now being exposed to the normies. All of it will be revealed and then the military will act, which is why they won’t have to explain anything. The evidence will have been laid out publicly.

July 26, 2023
Everything is pointing towards the courts being the solution. Even Trump is emphasizing that point. He flipped the courts for this very reason. To re-establish the constitution and rule of law. A huge part of the constitution is the right to vote.

July 26, 2023
We know that the military is the only one with all the evidence. We also know that Trump has far more evidence than he’s letting on. Kari Lake has been dripping out evidence too that seems to be coming from the military in my opinion. But the overturning will happen in the courts because that has always been part of the counterinsurgency strategy. To restore the peoples faith in their institutions. Rule of law and the judicial branch are leading the way. We’ve literally won more huge court cases in the last three years than probably in my lifetime. It’s not a coincidence.

July 26, 2023
The judiciary has been transformed. We’re winning every case over the last two years or more. Huge cases too. The military is following the Counterinsurgency strategy which is simultaneously military and civilian operation.

July 26, 2023
I agree. I think everything Trump is doing is to restore the constitution in order to protect the power of the people hundreds of years from now.

July 27, 2023
It’s coming but Biden is the low hanging fruit. He’s in the public eye. Don’t worry, everyone knows he was Obama’s VP and that this corruption happened during the Obama administration. Biden is the “doorway” to Obama for the normies.

July 27, 2023
The next election or maybe even after. None of us know the timeline so we’re guessing. As things sit right now, everything can still happen before the end of the year which leaves one year to campaign for 2024 after everything has changed. But things have to happen before the election fraud exposure and mass arrests. It’s all depending on global financial things then our financial collapse. I’ve been consistent in that view for a long time.

July 27, 2023
Yes. BRICS gold backed currency will “begin” the rolling down hill for the economy and market. By October, which is historically a bad month for stock market crashes, I think it will be obvious to everyone.

July 27, 2023
I love Rickards but he’s missing an important data point in all of this. He doesn’t know anything about Trump’s plan. His numbers are based off how bad he thinks the collapse will be and historical data on how long it usually takes to recover from that. I’ve said for a long time that this is a controlled demolition of the global  debt system and the recovery time will be much shorter. Trump must let it collapse on Biden’s watch to bring normies to the precipice but then things will happen quickly in this country to expose election fraud and change everything. Trump will be able to bring the country back very quickly. So the timeframe for recovery won’t be as long as Rickards thinks but what we are all guessing on, is how bad the collapse will be. How much will the dollar tank, because that’s what will drive up the gold price in dollars. Just my opinion though.

July 27, 2023
I actually haven’t seen any direct ties of Biden to Al Waleed which tells me that before becoming VP, he was inconsequential. Even his corruption in China, Ukraine, etc. seems to be more of a tie to Soros than Al Waleed. I’m wondering if that was the deal, since Soros was backing Hillary and she lost, Al Waleed allowed Biden as a compromise.

July 27, 2023
Al Waleed controlled the CIA. I will prove that in my Substack series. He controlled it pretty much from the 90’s onward because of his ties to the Bush family. The connection was Hezbollah.

July 27, 2023
Soros is a puppet master involved in a lot of things. For example, he’s been behind the funding of the invasion on our southern border and Antifa along with BLM. He controlled politicians too because of bribes and corruption. He was also heavily into the corruption in Ukraine and the Nazi’s there. But Al Waleed was on a different level with control of the CIA. Al Waleed was actually dangerous. He was by far the biggest threat to Trump when he became president. This series I’m writing will prove that in so many ways. It might end up being a ten part series. There’s just too much info.

July 28, 2023
Spit Ball 
A huge development.
Everyone is celebrating that the inflation number, minus food and gas is down slightly from expectations. What are “expectations?” Just their best guess. It came in at 4.1 instead of the expected 4.2 so the assumption is it’s going down. Really? Prices are 4.1 percent higher than this time last year and that’s a good thing? Prices are not dropping. They’re still rising but here’s what’s being missed in all this euphoria. The market mouthpieces think the Fed is done hiking rates. Not even close.
Food and gas was not included. Why? They always leave out the two things consumers depend on most because inflation would be double digits otherwise.
I made a prediction a long time ago that August would kick off the market and economic collapse on Biden’s watch.
This inflation number today just made me even more confident in that prediction. My reasoning was focused around the BRICS nations announcement of a new gold backed currency coming in August but now there’s more. This inflation number is what I like to call “fools gold.” This inflation number is from June when the gas prices were low because Biden was draining the reserves. Gas was around $60 at that time. That’s over. Oil is around $84 now and soon will be $90. Gas prices effect everything in the economy. Guess what’s coming in August? A big jump in inflation because it will reflect the quick rise in gasoline prices through July. Do you know what the market hates? Shocks. The market thinks inflation is tamed and many think we are going to avoid a recession. Fools gold. The real estate market is already in recession and it’s a huge part of the economy. Spiking oil prices are what helped trigger the last housing bubble burst and credit crisis. It will do exactly the same thing this time. Consumers are maxed out and cutting back. Gas prices are about to force them to cut back even further. Companies margins are thin with continuing rising wages. We are at $3.50 for gas in Texas. That’s high for us but gonna go higher. That effects the price of all goods and services. The market is going to be shocked into reality in August by a spike in inflation and another Fed hike. All while the dollar dump accelerates because of a new currency backed by gold to compete with it. Come October, which is historically a month of crashes, I don’t think anybody will doubt we are in a recession. Hard landing incoming.

July 29, 2023
It’s a good story. As we know, Putin is the good guy in this war regardless of what clowns like Hannity think.

August 2, 2023
Spit Ball 
Nuclear Scare
What’s Trump’s plan to help bring the normies to a precipice? Apart from the financial collapse precipice that’s coming, how else do you use “fear” to wake them up against the enemy insurgency?
Fear is the enemy’s greatest propaganda weapon and now Trump is using that tactic to wake up the normies.
Is a nuclear scare coming? We had the enemy try to start a nuclear war in Ukraine by blaming Russia for a Ukrainian missile shot into Poland. They failed to start a war and that didn’t wake up the normies either. What will? China and Taiwan?
I don’t think so.
There’s a better plan.
What type of nuclear scare would really wake up the American people? The type of nuclear scare that would focus several narratives at once, all focused on the enemy. Not just Biden and the democrats, but also the military industrial complex and the CIA.
What is it? How about a repeat of the Cuban missile crisis on Biden’s watch?
That’s a real scare for normies. That exposes the military industrial complex and the CIA in their assassination of JFK at the same time. It also exposes NATO for not living up to it’s commitment with Russia. It would prove Biden is weak with no power too.
Can you think of a better nuclear war scare precipice than that? Guess who first suggested it in 2022? Putin. Is this the plan? That’s my bet.

Russia threatens US with a new Cuban missile crisis unless Nato stops eastern enlargement Russia has warned that it could deploy military infrastructure on America’s doorstep in Cuba and Venezuela if Nato does not pledge to halt its enlargement in Eu…

August 3, 2023
Trial of the Century 
With every detail and data point connected to this latest indictment by the Special Counsel against Trump on the fraudulent 2020 election, we are starting to see a clear plan develop.
I always thought the 2020 election would be exposed and overturned in the courts once the evidence was finally produced in court.
But I didn’t think it would be Trump himself presenting it.
Who better to present that evidence than “the Greatest Showman on Earth?” Trump has all the evidence and knows way more than anybody else does on this issue. He has standing because it was his election that was stolen. He knows who was involved in the steal. He can call them to the stand and present the evidence they “knowingly” hid from the public. He can expose each major player involved in the treason. Trial of the century!
It’s looking like this was the plan from the beginning. What makes me think that? This case is putting Trump on trial for “knowingly lying” about the stolen election. This affords Trump the perfect opportunity to present the actual evidence. He can now prove that it wasn’t a lie at all. Instead, there were a lot of people around the country from both parties “knowingly lying” by saying it wasn’t stolen and it was the most secure election in history. The simple fact that this indictment allows Trump to bring that evidence relevant to his innocence is the perfect table setting. Then Trump gets subpoena power. Game over. The entire treasonous insurrection just crapped their pants when they heard that because Trump already knows who exactly to subpoena. The entire world will be watching this trial. Trump “wants” cameras in the courtroom for a reason. It’s a “show trial.” Trump is going to show the world that the cabal steals all elections, not just his election. The deep state is going to be on trial. It’s all planned. Trump called the indictment FAKE in all caps for a reason. It’s garbage. Read it. Trump’s opinion vs media opinions? Really? Fact checkers? How do we know Trump is in control of this trial and not the enemy? The enemy would never produce an indictment that would “allow” Trump to broadly produce evidence that the election was stolen and it definitely wouldn’t give him subpoena power. The date of this trial is a huge deal when it is provided. Why? It will help with a timeline of events. The economic crash must happen before the election fraud is exposed and the mass arrests will happen afterwards. Get your popcorn!

August 3, 2023 
Changing the entire election system.
How do you change the entire nationwide election system? How do you make it conform to specific standards in every state. Q mentioned a “US owned voter ID law”. Why? That’s what’s coming. We all know Trump follows the law and is restoring the constitution. I’ve said for a long time that the election will be exposed and overturned in the courts once the evidence is presented. That looks like it will be happening in Trump’s trial and he will expose it all. But then how do you change election laws in every state? I’ve also said a new election will be called for and overseen by the military. All completely legal and following the constitution. The military will do exactly what Trump has been telling us is coming. One day voting. Voter ID No machines. Counted in one day. No mail in ballots without a good excuse and voter ID.
States don’t have the right to steal the peoples constitutional right to vote.
So what’s the lawful way Trump will accomplish this?
The Insurrection Act
Wasn’t it an insurrection? Isn’t it an insurgency in every state?
My guess is one PEAD invoked that very Act and everyone knows what’s coming, including the judges that will oversee his court case.

10 U.S. Code § 253 –  Interference with State and Federal law

August 3, 2023
The Insurrection Act is the legal mechanism. It’s the law and if not already triggered in a PEAD, will be automatically triggered once the evidence of the conspiracy to steal the election nationwide is revealed.

August 3, 2023
The insurrection already happened. The military already has the evidence. What are they waiting on? A trial where real evidence of the insurrection can be presented and proven. As I’ve said for a long time. The election will be overturned in the court which will trigger the military to remove the Biden administration. The Insurrection Act legally gives the military the authority to control elections which the state governments were complicit in stealing. All predictable in my opinion.

August 3, 2023
It’s never illegal for the military to protect the peoples right to vote. They take an oath to uphold the constitution. The states were involved in a conspiracy to steal that right. Trump has the constitutional authority to use the military to restore that right. These are powers only given to the president under the constitution and the SC has upheld those powers. You not thinking Trump would do that doesn’t change the fact that the Insurrection Act gives him the power to do it.

August 3, 2023
The Art of War Deception is required. The Act clearly gives him the authority to use the military to oversee elections. Would Trump ever come out and say he did it so the enemy would know? Does anybody believe that? Trump doesn’t always tell the truth. People need to wake up to that fact. It’s war. Motivation is everything. He gives half truths or lies to save lives in a war. He prevented a civil war which is exactly what the enemy wanted from Jan 6. But you also forget the military strategy. It’s military (clandestine) and public(courts/normies). Why would Trump say he used the Insurrection Act when the plan has always been to reveal the evidence in the courts? That would make everything look biased and political which is exactly what he’s trying to avoid.  The Insurrection Act proves Trump can use the military to restore the peoples right to vote. I bet he did. Let’s see what happens.

August 3, 2023
I’m sorry but the Insurrection Act is law. It’s constitutional.  Are you saying it’s not law? Within the Insurrection Act it specifically states the president can use the military to restore the constitutional rights of the people if there is a conspiracy by the states to deny those rights. Was there a conspiracy to deny the peoples constitutional right to vote? Yes or no? It’s really easy to understand. You look at the law that references elections that are constitutional and how they are supposed to be run. Was the 2020 election run by the state’s constitutionally? Yes or no? If not, then the peoples rights were violated and the law states specifically that if it was a “conspiracy” then Trump has the power to use the military to restore those rights. There’s literally nothing in that law that is not clear in the power given to the president to use the military.

By Radiopatriot

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  1. So the trial will be at the end of this year or the beginning of 2024? If the Supreme Court would announce their decision couldn’t Trump get back sooner? This past week one of the patriots in their post said Trump would be back in office on Aug. 3 this year. What’s that all about? I didn’t believe it because of all the indictments. Dragging this out is getting to even the patriots. We are ready to see the ones that go to GITMO including the cabal & Hollywood. And yes, those who have been in witness protection. That was another thing the same Patriot said was that we would see JFK Jr & Diana this week. It makes them look stupid time & time again.

  2. I don’t think so. I saw a photo of him not long ago. He had been arrested for corruption but I don’t believe anything to do w/going after his cousin. Al -aWeed & Bill Gates did some deal & owned the top 5 floors of Mandela Bay. It is/was called The Four Seasons. I am assuming since you asked the question you know the 2 brothers that were older men. When the king (King Fasal) fell ill he appointed the position to his brother, Bin Salman. Sometime later Bin Salman turned the leadership to his son, also Bin Salman. Alaweed wanted it and set out to get bin Salman. Bin Salman Jr I believe is a good guy. That night he was saved by non other than our guy, _____. Bin Salman was in Vegas at the Tropicana. The American, Paddock, was a fall guy. They killed him.

    I haven’t seen it but apparently there is a video online showing the helicopters on the roof of Mandalay. Something had to happen, wrong info or something. Bin Salman was at the Tropicana & shots being fired at Mandalay.

    ******Cindy, if this is too much info that’s fine. I thought a lot of ppl already knew. But you can delete it or edit it whichever you want.

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