You want to know what’s REALLY going on?

Watch these two guys. I do. Without fail.

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Ditto…..these fellows just confirm my feelings…..our FB group here in our community all feel this way…energized and RELIEVED that this is finally coming to the place we’ve been waited for…..aside from God’s prophets telling us what is happening, and the fact we’ve already won, we’re experiencing Faith over Fear as always….this latest DJT indictment has REALLY lit the fuse on the device that will end the Deep State….here and worldwide…..buckling up for what will be a spectacular ride to getting our Country back….. the countries of the world will be experiencing that ride as well….such an exciting time that we’ve been chosen to live through….have a Blessed day!!!

  2. The interesting part of the ending to the LOTR is whether it is good destroying evil or evil destroying evil.

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