TUCKER Repost – If you haven’t watched this…

…you have no idea what the TRUE story is. I’m reposting this because you NEED to watch.

Some comments from others who have watched:

Ivan Raiklin: “Chief Sund only scratched the surface. The USCP General Counsel, Thomas DiBiase is central to the coverup. I’ve already proven that this was a fedsurrection parliamentary coup and I name who was involved. To catch up to this reality, here is the blueprint of who should be investigated to get to the full truth of January 6. This document was provided to @SpeakerMcCarthy@HouseAdmin and @RepLoudermilk who chairs the Oversight Subcommittee, the committee with Jurisdict over the Capitol Police Board and USCP. Please read it and encourage McCarthy and Loudermilk to increase the speed and velocity of this investigation. https://ivanraiklin.substack.com/p/january-6-fastest-path-to-truth-and

@SpeakerPelosi off limits… Subpoena her NOW!

Treason is what these people need to be charged with along with all the embedded government officials. This is WRONG regardless of political affiliations!

It’s so horrible and people just don’t care. That’s the most terrifying part.

Watch Tucker and Capital Police Chief Steven Sund EXPOSE how Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats Set-Up and Instigated the Jan6 Riots with infiltrates and then DENIED Police and National Guard protection until it got out of control, then they blamed the whole thing on President Trump

Many of us knew that #J6 was a coup to demoralize Trump Supporters by setting them up and to stop Trump from running for President by charging him with anything. Hopefully this interview will open the eyes of those who believed the media propaganda because Steven Sund is nonpartisan apolitical and is only interested in the truth being told. Now we know why the J6 Committee illegally destroyed the evidence because it would implicate Pelosi and the Democrats and RINOS that were involved in this coup. Thank you Tucker Carlson and Steven Sund for a very informative interview that everyone should watch.

They had to create havoc to ensure nobody would ever look into the biggest election scam in US history.

By Radiopatriot

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