The “A” Word

Remember when I wrote about this last week?

It’s beginning to make the rounds… others are picking up on it.

“There was an odd moment in the Tucker interview in which Tucker said basically all the DS had left to do was try to kill Trump. I thought it decidedly odd. Then Bongino posted something saying how much danger Trump is in. Narrative seeding? Black Swan event forthcoming? Could he be signaling to the DS that they can try, but they will not succeed?” — SayItAintSoJoe, Spitblaller

Many think Trump sent us comms in this Truth:

Shooting a round of 67? (Son Barron is 6’7 – object of a possible attempt?)

Surrounded by Secret Service Agents? (By protection?)

Not much you can do even if you wanted to???


Probably everyone here is well aware of SS protection for former Presidents. That’s common knowledge which I also possess since I was 10 years old. 
Trump used the word ‘surrounded’ which to me meant encircled, an impenetrable force, many more than normal, exponentially greater. 
We’ve all seen the size of his motorcades, the number of SS/Security at his rallies. He’s well protected. 
The point being, regarding my response/opinion to Trump’s post is that he was giving assurances of his protection by his use of the word ‘surrounded’, which to me denotes that there is a need for greater protection.  — Gary Fisher, Spitballers

We are in serious and grave times and the question needed to be asked.  The DS has tried everything to stop Trump and have been unsuccessful. In reality, there is only one thing left to do and that would be to try to take him out.
We pray that that never happens, of course. It does seem that something big is about to happen, and very soon for us.
— Gary Fisher, Spitballers

I am beginning to wonder, after the public blowback to the indictments, if the WHs would allow a very public attempt on his life to be made. Followed by 10 days of darkness in which we did not know the outcome. It would be like a JFK or 9/11 moment for this country. All Americans unite in times of crises. That would definitely take us to the precipice.  I don’t think that would be allowed to happen unless they knew they could control the situation. – SayItAintSoJoe, Spitballers

By Radiopatriot

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  1. If Trump suffers a mortal head wound (which I pray does NOT happen) and then miraculously recovers…well…I think they last book in the Bible tells us something about that. Beware.

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