MARKER: Assassination word now out in the Open.

💥 Bannon’s using Dealey Plaza set-up metaphorically to describe last night’s debate set-up by Fox News’ Murdochs.

💥 Tucker Carlson asked President Trump about the possibility of assassination.

💥 Bannon asks Rudy Giuliani to discuss the possibility.

Rudy Giuliani heads up the second hour with Steve. More on that below. Scroll down.


Happening Now: Police with riot gear outside the Fulton County Jail this morning in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Oreo express on the scene

The Fake News, having lost total control over the Narrative, continues to pump out their filth to what easily manipulated brainless sheep remain.

They’re even trying to spin the 190 MILLION views Trump drew in last night.

The pathetic desperation is beautiful to watch. Trump is the People’s President and there’s absolutely nothing they can do to stop him.

What is the game plan?

These are dark days but you need to go through these dark days to get to the sunlit uplands ahead.

💥💥💥 Now we’re talking about assassination which was brought up by Tucker Carlson in last night’s interview with the president. 💥💥💥


Quote- These people are savage animals – duly noted

The 2nd drop Q gave us promises POTUS will be 100% insulated. He is surrounded by generals. Patriots are in control. Anons interpret that to mean President Trump will always be protected and kept safe in order to complete his mission to set our country back on track.

Are they going to try and kill Trump

From General Mike Flynn:

I want everyone to pay very close attention to the ongoing BRICS Summit ongoing in South Africa. 
There is a Global Alliance forming against the United States of America because of the absolutely weak, pathetic, and the most corrupt President we have ever had in US history.

BRICS invites 6 new members, including Saudi Arabia and Iran

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