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President Trump praised Inspector General Horowitz and his 2018 report in his interview with Tucker Carlson. He said Horowitz did a “great job” and did a “phenomenal report”.


Please read that again. You can find the full report here: https://oig.justice.gov/reports/2018/o1804.pdf

Now listen closely to what @realDonaldTrump told @TuckerCarlson in reference to Horowitz’s report.

He said it was a “vicious horror” and a “true report on how bad they are”. Then he goes on to state: “But these people are sick people!”

Where have you heard this before? (Q drops 52 times)

Then Trump mentions open borders, and we know Joe Biden (aka Pedo Peter) is running the largest child sex trafficking operation in the country — via his Homeland Security and HHS with over 85,000 migrant children missing — because brave whistleblowers like @taraleerodas had the courage to speak up!

There’s a reason @GenFlynn publicly called for #Pizzagate to be reopened and investigated. It’s all about the children and always has been!

So if you’re still confused, grab your conspiracy theorist friends because nothing can stop what’s coming!

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I think we’ve become spoiled to how revolutionary our President is, that people see Trump saying a case could be made that Epstein didn’t kill himself, and think it was a nothing burger. He said on the stolen election: “We have so much on it; it’s like so easy.” He mentioned Horowitz again (There’s 17 Q drops about Horowitz) He said someone else is running the government He said “I’m President” Twice. He said Hilary should be indicted He said “her voice was very different” Did you see the ending? That’s a Quite the pregnant pause to leave with.

@KAGdrogo, X

President @realDonaldTrump once again makes a point to praise DOJ IG Horowitz and his report during his interview with @TuckerCarlson tonight, which, as of this post, has over 83M views!

I believe the cross-sharing of data between Horowitz (and his staff of 470 investigators), Huber, and then-NSA IG Storch (now DoD IG) is key to what we will learn about Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, and many others in the coming months.

In his last few speeches, President Trump has made a point of praising IG Horowitz (who is still the DOJ IG) and his “fantastic report”.

Keep in mind, Huber worked with Horowitz and his staff of 470 investigators.

Drop 2211 goes into great detail about Robert Storch (appointed by 45 on 22 Dec 2017, announced by ADM Rogers, which happens to be ONE DAY after EO 13818 was signed) and how the Council of Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency (CIGIE) is a vehicle for cross-sharing of department-to-department info re: Inspector Generals. Storch announcement:


Excerpt from drop 2211 re: How might this benefit ‘possible’ ongoing investigations across inter-intra federal agencies?


Drop 2230: Note IG involved. Huber >> IG (Horowitz) >> Storch

NOTE: Robert Storch is now serving as the DoD IG as of Dec 2022.


45 also praises several journalists in this clip, including John Solomon (JS), Sara Carter (SC), and Sean Hannity (SH), who were mentioned as trusted journalists in the drops.

Drop 617: Select news members / journalists are vital to delivering the message (as are YOU). Imagine if these people were removed. Total control re: MSM. They represent a clear and present danger to the enemy. Re-read past crumbs re: security. Where is JS? How do we truly protect those important to us? [19] immediates [no longer with us]. Self-suicide if actioned. Real life.

Drop 2626: Ongoing investigations….. “There are a lot of sealed indictments”

– SC “It’s all going to come out, U1, Dossier, CF, etc….”

– SH “I have pretty good sources…”

– SH There is a reason why SH, SC, and JS are on stage.

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  1. As they say, in the aviation industry- “Sounds like ALL FLAP & NO THROTTLE”. Guess I need to do a little research, to find out into WHICH prison all these political “CROOKS” are now residing. HA!

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