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EXCLUSIVE: Mark Meadows arrives at Fulton County court for crucial 2020 election case hearing – as judge reveals Trump and 18 co-defendants will be arraigned in Georgia on September 6

The rat was there today

OP-ED: The Cost of Weakness | U.S. Representative Andrew S. Clyde

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  1. So FAA spokesman says after the clickbait title, “investigating nearly 5K pilots accused of hiding conditions that would make them unfit to fly”, has reviewed 4,800 of them. Supposedly half have been closed. No mention of viable outcomes for theses pilots. They say nothing about the enforced jab they insisted on for all pilots. Via news sources pilots are dying while sitting in the cockpit, sometimes mentioned, because of heart shutdowns. I am not flying anywhere. The Faa is a Federal agency, I don’t trust what they say, or who they place in their catbird seat. KayD

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