From the investigation done by George Webb

The following is an excerpt, a small portion of the firehose of information George Webb put together several years ago which will be revealed in the days, weeks, and months to come as the principals in this “play” are brought to trial.

[Day 76 pt4]

  • Modus Operandi for the 1100 donors, they are people being extorted by Brownstone Operations, wherein they are honeytrapped and blackmailed into political favors and political donations. (Brownstone so named because of the buildings where the illegal acts – usually with children – were filmed as used as blackmail to control people in high government places. Jeffrey Epstein and Les Wexner Brownstone in Manhattan, for ex.)
  • <<<Therefore Hillary Clinton built her incredible political machine on blackmail leverage; ***she built her powerbase on child rape and sex slavery***; on extortion, exploitation (slavery in Haiti), collusion and on murder. This isn’t hyperbole. Webb’s work is a logical proof by piecing together these facts and he’s been validated by retired and current FBI>>>
  • George speculates reasonably on who being blackmailed; basically leaders of countries with scarce resources to be expropriated by these Clintonian profiteers
  • We are going to make a list of all these people and then research them and prove it.
  • George mentions Denver/Boulder area for arms dealing Brownstone operations
  • The secret is the hierarchical nature (compartmentalization) of extortions through micro-loansharking
  • There is this APT Chinese hacking group, and another group in Israel
  • Senate Arms committee: McCain, Graham; and (FBI) Andrew McCabe — “Proof is coming”
  • The hacks you see happening are not being done by 13 yr olds; they are being done by Intelligence for the purposes of blackmail or to discredit people to their employers and get them killed off social/financially.
  • “Amy Rao, CEO, Integrated Archive Solutions — OPM Hack, Yahoo Hack, Aetna Hack, VA Hacks” — friends of Hillary Clinton — this is where the “deplorables” come in, used to Diffuse and Disturb the folks
  • There is a CIA manual that discusses how to take $10,000 into a country and within 10 years have control of the government by way of blackmail leverage thru Brownstone operations.

  • [Day 76 pt5]
    • This all goes back to 1983 and Marc Rich and the secret pipeline
    • Barry Seal flying planes to Mena Arkansas with cocaine
    • They had to figure out a way to launder the money… sent to 2 banks, one in Florida, one in Georgia, then on to Citicorp, then to international <<<Swiss>>> banks
    • Guiliani prosecuted Marc Rich so hard, Rich fled the country, got him on 65 counts of racketeering.
    • Comey was on the case with Guiliani until now, and had been wrist-slapping and giving light sentences since; Comey’s been sitting on these documents for 30 yrs!!
    • They’ve been doing these quid-pro-quos for more agents into the FBI as kickbacks for light sentences. Why? To increase the corruption power of the FBI, it’s all about gaining power for the security state
    • <<<George talks about “The religion thing” but I’m lost with that. Is he talking about Jesuits conspiracy theory?>>>
    • George brings up a chart on 9:24, showing all the Cyber Attacks on US Government employees, and how they are all tied to Hillary for blackmail purposes <<<we’re under siege>>
    • Whenever you ty to investigate this, they pull the “national security defense” card
    • George explains how to cross-reference FOIA’able information to determine if you’ve been part of those hacks, and use this to prove Clinton was involved.
  • Day 76 pt6 —
    • Transition planning (ie: if George goes away)
    • I’m going to put you into the role of going to Arkansas for the first time with Bill and Hillary
    • …And your objective is to become President and then take over the World.
    • First thing you’re <<<Bill Clinton>>> going to do is teach law school for one year, and you’ve got outside support now, because you have people in Washington who want you to be successful {{WHO? DeMolays, Am. Legion, KKK, OES?}}
    • Get your stripes as a lawyer–you’re both lawyers (Bill & Hill) –but she’s got a huge law firm behind her (Rose Law Firm) for everything you do
    • You are going to then become the attorney general <<<of Arkansas>>>
    • Then–as attorney general–you can go around and run extortion rackets on businesses in Arkansas for campaign donations, using blackmail leverage, you do that for 2 yrs.
    • Then you run for governor and make promises to people.
    • Then you issue bonds–Arkansas Development Finance Authority (ADFA)–a thing that lent money to schools and hospitals, go to Wall St and sell hundreds of thousands of millions of dollars in bonds, so now you have all this money in your account.[]
    • So now if you want a 1M dollar loan, you send money to Rose Law Firm a $50k finding fee, and you get the 1M loan and you never have to make a payment on the loan. And that’s exactly what happened.
    • HRC’s Rose Law Firm partner Web Hubble–the person who proposed ADFA (and Chelsea’s bio father) –is the person who oversees it and audits it — the Rose Law Firm, so again they are overseeing themselves. The same thing you have with Peter Kadzik (Podesta’s college pal) overseeing the Clinton Foundation.
    • George describes how the Clintons lean on businesses using their State Dept connections and informational abuses to blackmail leverage people into giving them more money until finally…
    • Bill becomes Governor of Arkansas and maintains this position for several years
    • They have an airport that they can fly cocaine into, so let’s work with GHWB and Oliver North, and they started making money with arms and drugs sales; meanwhile gaining influence in Washington.
    • Where are you going to launder that money? It’s SO MUCH money, that trying to launder through the State Dept would be like an elephant going through a python, so you have to put it into a State account that has had a lot of money going through, so you use the ADFA, zero it out every month, send it to a couple of banks in Georgia and Florida to launder it out.
    • If anyone complains, you threaten to sue them or use the ArK police to beat them up.
    • When the Clintons go to DC, they bring this whole cast of characters with them 
    • Then they do the same things except on a national scale
    • And they expand out with Ambassadors to other countries
    • If the countries don’t buy arms from us, then we’ll go over there with stingers and DISRUPT and force them to buy arms. If we can’t get a deal we’ll MAKE A DEAL
    • All this goes back to when Bill Clinton was first made Attorney General.

By Radiopatriot

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