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By Radiopatriot

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  1. “Claims surfaced of 36 ex-military Special Forces members showing up to Maui”
    This is Bullcrap. Nobody does any verification research. Well I did, This Bullcrap is from the Hoax Fake News website Real Raw News that is really Real Raw Fake News.

      1. “Oh my, sounds like you got up on the wrong side of the bed” Your ridiculous comment aside I find it very disconcerting that so many people spread the bullcrap posted by Real Raw Fake News without doing any independent investigating to verify what RRN posts is factual. Spreading bullcrap as “Intel” or Real News does not help the Alt-News Community that is supposed to replace the Corporate Owned and Controlled, Government Censored, CIA Infiltrated Mainstream Media Fake News Propaganda Cartel.
        “We are the news now” not “We are the fake news now”.

  2. “I know it’s true ’cause I read / heard it on the internet.”

    Anyone who served in the Armed Forces with half a brain would know that clown is stretching it. He *definitely* did NOT serve in the military. Even though we’d really, really love to know that actually happened, the chance that was an actual event is pushing *zero* — waaaay too many red flags.

    PLUS they would likely know better than to call Marines “ex-Marines”, unless they are masochists and want their head beat on.

    Why? A Marine is ALWAYS a Marine. Period. When we die we die Marines.

    The *only* exception is if a Marine is dishonorably discharged.

    The dic-doc poster’s name is scrambled. From the background wall decor I’m guessing he’s at a car dealership — so he had a boring week and thought he’d liven things up. Clearly not a mental giant. Bad call.

    The libturd mockingbird media loves to get ahold of crap like that so they can attack our movement. There are still normie sheep who would believe whatever crazy comments they would make.

    Vet *everything* until you’re as confident as possible of the validity.

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