Did Trump Just Message That A Change Of Batter Is Coming? PAIN.

Liz Crokin:

“As I said many times before, it was an open secret in Chicago Barack Obama was gay long before he was even elected president. The Mockingbird Media went out of their way to cover up this and almost everything about Obama’s history. The sheep happily ate up the fake image the cabal carefully curated for their well-trained and groomed Manchurian candidate puppet president. Then for years the liberal masses clapped and barked like seals at anything Obama said or did all while happily putting their head in the sand at the sinister Marxist/Communist agenda he was pushing to destroy America from within. This is just the tip of the iceberg on Obama disclosure. It’s only a matter of time before people like Tucker Carlson start reporting on Bathhouse Barry’s private pizza and hotdog parties at the White House that were paid for on your dime! That’s when the world will finally understand how sick and evil this man truly is.”

Green Lives Matter


Remember when Larry Sinclair claimed that he performed oral sex on Barrack Obama while they were both on drugs and once he spoke out about it, the DC police immediately, under Joe Biden’s son, arrested him for theft. Sinclair was allegedly contacted by a man named Donald Young who claimed he also had intimate relations with Obama and he told Larry that they would go after him for speaking out. Donald Young was subsequently shot to death in his apartment in Chicago and no one ever solved the case.


#obama https://rrstar.com/story/news/state/2007/12/26/choir-conductor-at-obama-s/44587120007/

Plot twist: Beau BIDEN issues an arrest warrant for Sinclair – see here:

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  1. This was well known during the 08 election time frame in late summer of 08. However I had herd that him and two others involved we’re assassinated. One was the night he was suppose to testify in Fed Dist Court. ???

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