NAZIs Close to Home

So-called Nazis resurface in Orlando, voice support for Biden over Trump: ‘He sends rockets to Ukraine’

So-called Nazis were on the march near Orlando, FL on Saturday when a group of costumed men going by the name of “Blood Tribe” turned out to […]

Laura Loomer appeared on War Room this morning – following are from her X (twitter) page.

Laura Loomer: The Nazi rally in Altamonte Springs, FL today was organized by Goyim Defense League (GDL) and its founder Jon Minadeo. 

Laura Loomer- Nazi’s that support Biden and Ukraine in Florida

UKRAINE – It’s all been a lie

Jim Hoft – FBI created 3200 J6 playing cards

War Room tribute to Josh (“Dirty Truth”), a warrior, a force multiplier and a true patriot, who passed away yesterday. He will be missed by the TRUTH Community.

Working age but NOT working.

Hat tip to a Great American. Fair winds and following seas.

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