Anons are saving the USA

Anons, even those whose identities are now public, are the TRUTH Community, bringing you the facts, the truth, the reality of our situation and more. They – we– are the new media.

The meme below says it all:

Ken Paxton, who led AG’s nationwide to challenge the 2020 election results, goes on trial for impeachment today. 

I see this as one in many deep state attempts to bully people into submission so we are too afraid to speak up against tyranny.

Protester on J6? They arrest you.

Attorney questioning elections? They arrest you. 

AG questioning election results? They impeach you. 

It’s a travesty of Justice. 

Speak Truth to Power


By Radiopatriot

Former Talk Radio Host, TV reporter/anchor, Aerospace Public Relations Mgr, Newspaper Columnist, Political Activist * Telegram/Radiopatriot * Telegram/Andrea Shea King Gettr/radiopatriot * TRUTHsocial/Radiopatriot


  1. And “THEY” put their pants on one Leg at a time, So we need to counter their attacks with some attacks of our own! Where are the good guys that have the “WAYS and MEANS”? IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE?

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