the DEMs will not give you a chance to be the next POTUS but you deserve every chance. Your very honest statements, like the one below about vital issues facing America, are why they don’t want you anywhere near the “Resolute Desk.”

The political class in our country (the Uniparty) will destroy America before allowing leaders like you or Trump to rise to the highest office in the land (again, in the case of Trump).

I’m very serious about you and Trump standing with each other to protect our freedoms from this ongoing globalist shift. It is very real and understanding the threat is one of the first tenets of defeating an adversary.

Regarding Afghanistan, all anyone needs to do is read the USG’s own AFG SIGAR report—it is devastating and accurate. Ukraine, and all other unnecessary wars, will be written up in the exact same vein.

If we are able to survive the potentially grave consequences of the coming year and the ugliness and sacrifices our nation will face in the future, it is because BOLD leaders step up and do the unconventional in order to change the course of history.

It has happened in our past, it can happen again.










Robert F. Kennedy Jr




Every American should read this post mortem on Afghanistan. And every American politician —Republican and Democrat — and every Pentagon panjandrum who supported this catastrophe should hang their heads in shame. We learned nothing from Vietnam. The definition of insanity is repeating the same mistake again and again, and expecting different results. By this definition, the entire retinue of American leadership is insane. This observation answers the question “What on earth are we doing in Ukraine?”: The inmates are running the asylum.

Jack Carr


It’s been almost two years.

• For those interested, my thoughts on, not just the withdrawal from Afghanistan but the close to twenty years that preceded it and what amounts to almost zero accountability for senior level military officers, elected representatives, and appointed bureaucrats who failed upward during that time are captured in a blog I wrote on 16 August 2021 titled “Imperial Hubris: The Great Game Revisited” and an article I wrote for TownHall on 23 August 2021 titled “A Time For Bold Adjustment: Fire The Generals.” Both can be found on the blog section of my website.

• From the blog: I describe the American experience in Afghanistan as “…a failure that crossed party lines over four separate administrations, two Republican and two Democrat. As we watch the U.S. Embassy evacuation in Kabul and see images of the Taliban taking control of the country, to those of us who fought there it is more than a strategic failure; it’s personal.”

“This year, for the first time in U.S. history, one could have joined the military, served for twenty years, and retired while the country is still involved in the same war.”

“In what is accurately described as imperial hubris, the United States political-military establishment confused entry and initial resolve with victory. They were wrong; America’s sons and daughters paid the price.”

“Simply put, our elected officials and senior level military leaders were trapped by their own intellectual inertia, condemning us to eventual defeat.”

“Strategically, our leaders were not held to account for their blunders — in too many cases, blunders of epic proportions. Rather, they were promoted and eventually retired with full pensions to sit on the boards of companies making a killing in the world of government contracts; the military industrial complex is alive and well. As Lt. Col. Paul Yingling pointed out in his 2007 article A Failure in Generalship, ‘As matters stand now, a private who loses a rifle suffers far greater consequences than a general who loses a war.’”

• Study the past.



By Radiopatriot

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