Bush family CIA oil intelligence mafia

This thread is one of several researched and posted by Mike Benz who you might remember from an appearance on Bannon’s War Room last week. Read more of Benz’ exposé at his Twitter site:

Benz is Executive Director, @FFO_Freedom. Also, Former State Dept Cyber. On a mission to restore the Golden Age of the Internet.


it really does all go back to Iran-Contra

There’s a great 3-hour version with a lot more detail but I’m having trouble finding. I recall this version being decent, FYI for interested folks:

Want an accidentally great documentary about the Houston energy mafia?

Watch “Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room” with an eye to the deep city politics of Houston, Ken Lay’s business w/ George W Bush & George H W Bush, & the energy industry intrigues

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Mike Benz said “There’s a great 3-hour version with a lot more detail but I’m having trouble finding”
    I found it:
    The Mafia, the C.I.A., and George Bush (WBAI, 1992)
    2: 58; 36

  2. Hooly crap, Batman.

    How is it this guy doesn’t have a HUGE TARGET on his back?

    Our President needs this guy on his team — if he isn’t *already*.

    Folx, this is *really* a deep dive — definitely worth watching *at least* once — with no distractions!

    The drip is turning and it’s more than a trickle.


  3. Soooo, Bush mafia in Texas, McCain mafia in Arizona, Romney Mormon mafia in Utah, I would venture to guess Sununu mafia in New Hampshire. This Country and Gubmint is corrupt to the core!!

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