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Quick, name the two dumbest freaking things Hunter Biden could possibly do to

1. prove that is his laptop Marco Polo made an extensive report on and released to Congress


2. the evidence from the IRS whistleblowers is real and accurate and proves he was the Biden Crime Family bagman that funneled over $20 million in illegal bribery funds to more than 9 other Biden family members, including grandkids?


Well, it would be to sue Marco Polo for releasing HIS PRIVATE RECORDS without his permission, and then to sue the IRS whistleblowers for giving his accurate SARS reports and bank records to the House Oversight Committee.

Hunter Biden has now done BOTH of these things.

By filing these lawsuits he’s ESTABLISHING the laptop and the IRS evidence are real and accurate.

He’s either the world’s dumbest crook or you are watching a movie.


It’s almost like Hunter wants to hand over more documents to the IRS in discovery or something. But that’s just my devious mind at work…

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By Radiopatriot

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  1. HB seems to be the product of an abusive, dysfunctional family—maybe he’s had a revelation and decided he’s wants “out” of the paternal crime family, “catalogued” what he knows and has taken part in and put it all out there to be “discovered” (?) on purpose…he flipped awhile ago…IMO.

    1. yep!!! I predict that…. and this might be hard for many people to accept…. he will be celebrated… someday. He will be a huge piece in overthrowing the “DEEP STATE”!… watch.

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