Haven’t checked in with WH Grampa in a while

Let’s see what he’s up to…

Beginning with the latest post, in chronological order…

Compare now to 3 years ago and tell me we’re not winning

I still hear “But nothing is happening”

All you have to do is PAY ATTENTION

Ukraine owes Poland 23 billion …. Poland just sent them the bill …

15 billion Zlotys (3.47 billion) for military aid, 4.3 billion Zlotys ($1 billion) for Humanitarian aid and 1.6 billion Zlotys ($0.37 billion) financial aid.


Yep .. new tires on the bird … and she’s stowed away safe and sound 

Cap’n K texted ..

Said “The key is in it” ….

I guess that means the new tires are on and it’s in the hanger …

I hope that’s what he meant 

I should probably ask him 

On the road again

Just can’t wait to get on the road again

The life I love is makin’ music with my friends

And I can’t wait to get on the road again

3 Year Deltas 

Getting the rain from tropical storm Ophelia ..

Smells like the ocean ..

Breezy gloomy cold and wet outside …

🎶 Good🎵 Morrrrrrning🎶 

Grasshopper in just over an hour ..

See you there …

Calling it an early night friends

Mozart wore me out today

He just doesn’t stop

He’s full throttle until I say “C’mon it’s bed time”

Good Night

I’ll laugh if Menendez’s wife offers testimony against Biden for a lesser sentence 

If things get ANY worse for Democrats … we’ll be hearing from Obama ….

Captain save a ho himself

He has to … He’s corruption implications are looming

Remember when I said Milley will retire?

If you’re a politician you can’t live up to your end of the bribery schemes if the government is shut down .. 

Shut ..  it .. Down .. and watch them squirm

Who else in government is making “Deals?”

We’ll find out .. But we’ll find out faster if the government shuts down ..

I say shut ‘er down 

It’s obvious seeing Bidens cognitive decline ..

We’re not the only one who notices ..

Democrats see it .. Menendez sealed the deal

Biden is going to have to step down

Jill needs to tell Joe “Just walk away”

As someone stated in a earlier post of mine

“We’re witnessing The Democrat Death Spiral”

Resignations …

The dam is busted ..

Flood inbound

They won’t be able to walk down the street

The Menedez Ripple Effect will go right to The White House …

Wait for it …

Cap’n K called .. I answered

He said “white walls?” 

I said if they make them I’m ok with it 

But they don’t make whitewall tires for airplanes 

Not that I know of anyhow …

The mystery of why he stole my plane is clear now ..

He’s getting it outfitted with new tires 

Glad he takes care of this stuff so I don’t have to ever worry about it

Love that guy

Menendez allegedly obstructed investigations into his corruption ..

See the pattern here … This is going to open a whole new can of worms for Joe ..

They should get a new playbook … We The People see their game plan

It’s official .. Sen .Bob Menendez (D) indicted for BRIBERY …

Shout out to my Son

He’s taken every free moment he has to train Mozart …

Mozzy is a very very well behaved puppy

He sits .. shakes hands .. fetches and returns .. 

He can climb over a 4 foot chain link fence ..

He’s learning some other things I’d rather not discuss 

But he’s a good dog 

When he sitting on my lap .. try to come near me .. I dare you

Cap’n K just left with the plane … Said he’s getting an upgrade …

I thought all the cash I just dumped into it upgraded everything ..

I trust him … If he says we need something upgraded then we need something upgraded .. 

Something tells me he has a rear view mirror and fuzzy dice that sticks to windows …

We’ll see what he does …

Good Morning … 

I fell asleep in my comfy chair last evening .. 

I have a kink in my neck … But Democrat Bob Menendez has worse problems ahead .. My neck will work itself out his corruption problem will require a lawyer 

By Radiopatriot

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  1. But I DID compare today to 3 years ago — and overall we are not winning, at least on earthly terms. Coming closer to divine judgment!

    The main thrust back then was: Donald Trump shall return by xxxxxx date in 2021!
    March, April, May, June, August, October, November, then DEFINITELY by 2021 year-end!


    Then the main thrust was to WIN the midterms in a Big Red Tsunami!!


    Then we were cautiously optimistic when we narrowly eked out a House majority. Kevin McCarthy was to be our Trump surrogate there!


    That’s okay. We shouldn’t trust in chariots and horses and politicians anyway.

    Even if DJT wins ’24, it’s just one term and surely would be resist-resist-resist ALL the way to the grave or to Commie victory, as it was in ’16. And who then would take DJT’s mantle? Only a weak substitute without the uncanny chutzpah at this point.

    We now know that Joe McCarthy was RIGHT back then; he was mocked and that turned him into a paranoid mess, but HE WAS RIGHT about the highly-advanced Communist infiltration into our nation back in the 50s.

    It’s taken decades from thence to degrade fully into soft Communism; it would take more decades from January 2024 inauguration to prevail permanently against the 100-percent infiltration in education, Hollywood, the justice system, the executive branch, the legislative branch AND that evil 4th branch of government too.

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