That should scare everyone…

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Regardless who they parachute in it will ignite the Democratic base and devastate the Republican choice even if it is Trump.

  2. The only thing that scares me about Big Mike is having to listen to him and see his face plastered everywhere. I think most of the blacks who would normally vote for him have wizened up and left the D plantation. And women aren’t going to vote for a man who pretends to be a woman.

  3. this doesn’t scare me at all… bring on Big Mike. in time, we will learn what Obama did in the background, and 90% of americans will turn on them as they are Biden right now. what’s interesting is, getting there. I ran into a gentleman today and he brought up a political point and i asked, “who would you vote for”…. he said, “Biden…. of course”. tells you everything you need to know….

  4. Will Michelle Obama be The DemocRAT Party’s 2024 Presidential Candidate replacing Biden?
    President Michelle Obama in 2024? Puke!
    Did this conversation really take place between Michelle Obama and a Reporter?
    Reporter: “Rumor has it that you are being considered to replace Biden as the Democratic Presidential nominee in 2024. Michelle Obama, what would qualify you to be President?”
    Michelle: “Well, I have a lot of experience flying in Air Force One, a whole lot of experience. I also like Refugees a whole lot and will bring in many, many more Refugees than Barack did. I will Colorize America. I also like spending money, other people’s money, and I will spend like crazy. Barack only spent 10 Trillion dollars. I will double that”.
    Reporter: “What about the fact all prior Presidents have been men? Is being President a man’s job?
    Michelle: “Well, I don’t think so but I got that part covered anyway”
    Vote for Michell, NOT!

  5. Someone please give me one qualification he has. He hates the country, hated the White House except for the bennies. Even made nasty remarks about our flag. Never did an honest days work and even patient dumped on the streets of America to fellow Americans.

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