General Flynn reminds us…

“Let’s not lose site of reality. This time the reality is on the other side of the world inside of Russia. But when it comes to anything nuclear, we must keep our eyes and ears open and pray we have the sharpest national security minds on top of this specific issue (we clearly don’t have them in the WH).

“For now, we find ourselves constantly discussing what seem to be endless wars without any clear strategic objectives that have anything to do with America. 

“Maintaining a bogeyman is not a vital national security objective. 

““We have spent more than enough time in the last twenty years fighting wars without a clear strategic purpose. We now stand on the brink of fighting one which may end civilization as we know it. We show no signs of changing course. We continue to bumble toward the apocalypse.”

“An excellent analysis and article by @RealSamFaddis A Two-Minute read well worth it.”

Russia Holds Nationwide Nuclear Drill – Bumbling Toward The Apocalypse

Russia will hold nationwide drills simulating widespread nuclear attacks on the country. That is happening today. It is happening in response to the growing fear in Russia of an attack on that nation by Western powers including the United States. In the United States, faced with this escalation and the growing possibility of actual nuclear war, the Biden administration and the war hawks on Capitol Hill continue to demand more money and more arms for Ukraine. No off-ramps or negotiations for these guys. They want more blood, and, presumably, more profits for defense contractors.

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Nope. This is one topic I flat don’t agree with Flynn on, but …

    I have a feeling the purpose of the fear-mongering about “Russia / Vlad is gonna ShOoT NuKeS aT uS” is to divert the focus of the ‘woke’ and stubborn sheep, a false flag, if you will, like the way the deep state does for misdirection. The difference between the deep state / cabal and the *sane minds* is a possible attempt to plant seeds of how dangerous it is to keep enabling Zelensky (a Jew whose family was persecuted by the WW II Nazis) from the charade of the “war” with Putin (who is *clearly* NOT a NAZI even though the libturd wingnuts keep calling him one — and he’s *also* a Christian).

    Even though we will likely never know what our Presidents’ plans are / were — with the possibility that hes’ working with Putin. I think it’s very possible Vlad and the Donald have kept comms going between them to coordinate their moves.

    Vlad *is not* gonna shoot nukes at us, even though he likely has plenty of them ready to be aimed. I’d wager he’s on close to the same genius level as Trump, and he doesn’t want to end the world as we know it. He’s going along with Trumps’ plan with the “nuclear drills” to keep the charade going.

    Putin has close to the same goals as Trump (and we) do … he hates Nazis, who attacked his motherland during WW II and got to the outskirts of Stalingrad before the Russian winter put a halt to Hitlers’ army. He hates pedophiles and homosexuals, but most of all the cabal / deep state and their Central Banks. It should be obvious to anyone who utilizes critical thinking, is aware of BRICS and knows that Putin has shut down central banks in his nation along with a half dozen other countries with possibly another dozen having applied to BRICS.

    I’m getting quite tired of the screeching about it, but I take it that it’s part of the “movie”, and it’s not the worst of what we’ve had to put up with.

    Remember this is 5th dimensional chess and Trump is always seven moves ahead of the cabal.

    If Trump takes the Speaker of the House seat it may very well trigger that first domino.

    None of this is coincidence.

    Just my opinion.


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