“Why, I hadn’t thought of that.” — Andrea Shea King, the Radio Patriot.

“Why, I hadn’t thought of that.” — Andrea Shea King, the Radio Patriot.

It’s why we love, respect, and admire Steve Bannon.

Wow. Just WOW.

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Hooooooo, boy!!

    Can you hear the DEMON-RATS WAILING and GNASHING their teeth yet??!!


    Imagine … that this was a planned scenario. Coincidence?

    Pray that our President moves into position.


  2. Dear Ms. Shea:
    I met a female relative of yours (“Nina”) at a FOOD BANK of all places, in Vero Beach, FL which we both frequent regularly, and she told me to follow your podcast, radiopatriot.com. Nina and I talked Trump politics and Steve Bannon for 20 minutes, and she also left me her email address: Claycottage@msn.com, as she wanted to read my POSTS on Truth Social ETAL. I am sending them to her today. I’ve worked for the Trump family for 44 years, then when he was President I was a weekly “Talking Points Provider” for the President, and also for Sean Hannity (Fox News), and for Newt Gingrich (Ex-Speaker of the House). For the last eight years, I’ve spent 19 hrs a day 7 days a week writing positive DJT publicity on Social Media and taking down, brutally in most cases all dissenters and writing about all issues. My background is business, law, politics and journalism. Since Trump was so cruelly usurped from Office in 2020, I now run four (4) task force committees of 17 people in addition to my work on Truth Social and other social media sites. Nina asked me to touch base with you and give you her regards. She also suggested I follow your podcast, which is very good I must say. With all that said, I’ll leave you with these two accolades: Thank you for supporting DJT — and
    MAGA ! From Gillyanneb@aol.com – Vero Beach, FL

    1. Welcome, Gillyanne! Nina told me about your chance (“God-directed”) meeting, and I’m delighted to see you here with our “Trump Tribe!”

      Your background and continued efforts in support of MAGA/Trump is impressive! Please feel free to contribute to our conversations with your comments and topic suggestions.

      We are but a short drive away from each other. Perhaps we can meet in person sometime in the future. Kindred spirits!

      For clarification, I no longer do a nightly podcast and/or daily/weekly radio program. I spend my energies as a political activist and keyboard warrior.

      Nothing Can Stop What is Coming.

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