Why do I need an AR-15?

By Radiopatriot

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  1. I sure don’t & don’t want one any where near me. My hubs does carry a hand gun but not me. I would be the one who shot themselves in the foot. Too dangerous for me.

  2. If it was up to you to save your family, I bet you would want to have a firearm. Think about it. There are lots of classes or folks would be happy to teach you to aim somewhere other than your foot. It’s not something I enjoy, but necessary.

  3. Did you ever think YOU might have to defend your husband’s life? Go take a class…it’s good to be able to defend oneself and your loved ones…

  4. As I think I see this movie playing out in real time, the battle will be against those hired by the 4th state, deep state and the people will be the ones that have and are coming across the border. The Generals in charge may be the politicians and Hussein and his people. When will the normies wake up? What is the Big Event that will take place to start this epic tale? So many questions but so few answers. Wake Up People! NCSWIC

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