War Room

Rally to the Anti-DC Cartel Cause 


So many questions



Russ Vought

Hotter than expected

Let’s see what happens

Playbook Known

When did Anthony Blinken become president?

Mike Davis

Bannon hair video coming 🤣

Office of Prime Minister Netanyahu Releases Horrifying and Disturbing Photos of Babies Murdered and Burned by Hamas Terrorists That Was Shown to Antony Blinken


Harris asks- Biden just spent millions of our tax dollars revamping the situation room is there a situation in that room

We have 16,000 Americans in Israel

Mike Davis

The masks are coming off

Pompeo is very optimistic

If you lose America you lose it all

Mike Lindell

Israel releases images of babies murdered and burned by Hamas as ‘verified photos’ of others beheaded by terrorists are ‘confirmed’ by local media… and IDF drops Gaza leaflets telling citizens to flee 


Mike Lindell is not giving up

Hey Fox, you have Greg Gutfeld on the sideline with 2 hours too much of Hannity and these morons have their writers back! Is this on purpose?

Paul Ryan aka Eddie Munster – take your DNA and put it where the sun don’t shine

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