Biden and Ehud Barrack did this.

Joe Biden and Ehud Barrack created the intelligence failure in Israel, which resulted in the Israeli people being blindsided by Hamas. This is fascinating analysis from


This is why we need to be very analytical and slow to speak and wait for the dust to settle before making accusations and claims (this includes me as well).

All of Israel is not responsible, and there are good patriots in Israel as there are good patriots in the US who want freedom and who love America, and simply want a good life for their families. These people are our allies, not our enemies.

So yes, I do stand with Israel and their citizens, but there has to be a distinction between the deep state in Israel as there’s a distinction between the deep state in the USA. This is what we are fighting against. The Israeli citizens who were massacred by Hamas are the victims here.

Unfortunately, the Palestinian people and the Israeli people are pawns in this globalist “game” of world domination. Listen to this analysis if you listen to nothing else today.


General Mike Flynn @GenFlynn: “Fascinating and informative. Well worth the listen.”

By Radiopatriot

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