What REALLY caused Israel’s failure to detect Hamas attack

First, this:

Ehud Barack was compromised by the hidden cameras inside Jeffrey Epstein’s Manhattan brownstone, formerly owned by Lex Wexner (owner of Victoria’s Secret lingerie stores) who “gifted” the multi-million $ mansion to Epstein for the purpose of blackmailing anyone and everyone (with hidden cameras) who ventured inside to have some “play time” with children.

So I am not surprised at all to see his name linked with this attack on Israel.

Now this:

Patrick Byrne explains how the Israeli Supreme Court conducts its “business” and takes it even further. The video runs 24 minutes. Patrick Byrne was the founder and CEO of Overstock.com and a cancer survivor. Well regarded by the likes of Gen. Mike Flynn and other US patriots.

Ehud Barak’s Complicated Position in Israeli Politics and Industry


This week, two stories came out that placed the left’s anti-government riots in a new light.

First, in a podcast with Haaretz reporter Amir Oren, Gilead Sher—one of the leaders of the “Resistance” against the Netanyahu government—explained that he and his colleagues put together the organizational and financial structure for the mass rioting that Israel has experienced since January, before Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his colleagues formed the government. In other words, the riots, protests, acts of political violence and intimidation that have swamped Israel since January were not spontaneous responses to the government’s legal reform proposals. They were planned and financed weeks before Justice Minister Yariv Levin was appointed to his position and well before the government took any position on anything.

Sher served as Ehud Barak’s chief of staff during Barak’s brief tenure as prime minister from 1999-2001. He was Barak’s chief negotiator with the PLO at the failed Camp David Peace Summit and has remained close to Barak ever since.

Speaking to Oren, Sher revealed that the plot to light the country on fire was hatched in mid-December, three weeks before the government was formed. In a meeting hosted by Yossi Kutchik, who served as the director general of the Prime Minister’s Office during Barak’s premiership, Sher and Kutchik met with former IDF Chief of General Staff Dan Halutz and high-tech billionaire and far-left political activist Orni Petruschka.

In Sher’s telling, “The four of us met and very quickly, maybe a week or two, we were joined by a number of other people.”


“Barak has been one of the most outspoken and radical critics of Netanyahu and his government. And now we learn that while he wasn’t present at the meeting Sher described, Sher and Kutchik—like many of the dozens of retired generals, colonels and high-tech tycoons running the protest and riot campaigns—are closely associated with Barak. These are the people who initiated the hi-tech sector’s anti-government campaign and who organized retired generals to take a leading role in calling for active duty reservists to refuse to serve in reserves.

‘Deliberately destroying’ an industry to placate Washington

The second major story this week was an expose by the Financial Times regarding Israeli cyber security firm Paragon. Barak sits on the firm’s board of directors.”


Who is Patrick Byrne? Gen. Mike Flynn knows…

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