Media Blackout: 10 News Stories They Chose Not to Tell You This Week (10/22/23)

#10 – Pfizer stock takes big loss because nobody wants their COVID “vaccines” and drugs.

#9 – Elon Musk makes strong statement in defense of the Second Amendment.

#8 – Donald Trump unleashes on ‘corrupt’ World Health Organization in viral truth social video.

#7 – Murderous doctors destine unvaccinated patient to suffocate to death.

#6 – Tyson Foods makes big bet that you will ‘eat ze bugs.’

#5 – MP Andrew Bridgen brings forth compelling evidence to the UK parliament that the COVID-19 shots are responsible for excess deaths.

#4 – Researchers find Pfizer excluded clinical trial deaths from FDA COVID-19 “vaccine” EUA request.

#3 – Black Lives Matter leader stands behind January 6 prisoners and endorses Trump.

#2 – Hospitals murdered COVID patients. The more they killed, the more money they made.

#1 – It’s no accident that two-thirds of the world’s population fell for the greatest psychological fear campaign in human history. Perverse brainwashing techniques were thoroughly studied to get you jabbed.

BONUS #1 – Detox heavy metals in less than 30 seconds a day: Dr. Sherri Tenpenny explains how.

BONUS #2 – 10 signs you have a vaccine injury and what you can do about it: insights from top doctors.

BONUS #3 – Gold prices surged to $1,981.42 at the end of the last week, nearing an all-time high.

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By Radiopatriot

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