Thirteen Flags for thirteen Marines, planted by a Maine Patriot

Two years ago, I wrote the post below.

Today I met the patriot who planted these flags in front of a cross in honor of God and those who gave their lives in Afghanistan in defense of us and our country.

John York, veteran, and his wife Diane are patriots who love our country.

This is a couple I would enjoy spending time with and getting to know better. We are of like mind. (They complimented my pink “Women for Trump” ball cap.) John met President Trump at a rally in Bangor. His lasting impression? Surprise that Trump is as tall as John… at least 6’3!

I snapped this photo after we spoke as they headed out on the Penobscot for some fishing. If I had thought of it, I’d have taken a pic of all three of us. Maybe another chance on another day.

By the way, if you’re interested in renting a cabin on this beautiful property adjacent to Merrill Brook and the Penobscot River, check it out at VRBO.

You’ll recognize the area, as it is my favorite destination point when I’m out walking. You might recognize these photos. I’ve posted several of its beautiful surroundings.

Also, the entire spread is on the market. If you’re into all-season sports, this might be the place for you.

OK, this is the post I wrote in Sept. 2021:

Came upon a display earlier today at the Merrill Brook Cabins in Howland, Maine.

It touched my heart to see the respect the owner and Trump supporter has for the thirteen Marines killed in Kabul.

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