George Webb and Sy Hersh reported this cartel crime syndicate more than 7 years ago

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How the Clintons robbed and destroyed Haiti

By Takudzwa Hillary Chiwanza, African Exponent, Feb. 18, 2020

The imprint of Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton is indelible. The couple’s presence and impact on the Caribbean island have brought nothing but prolonged despair for the Haitians. Their elusive and opaque deals in the country have not done anything to alleviate the country out of poverty depths. The purported interests of helping Haiti from its myriad of problems have only caused stagnation in Haiti. 

The presence of Bill Clinton, who also served as the president of the United States together with his wife who served as the Secretary of State during Obama’s tenure can be traced back to the 90s. Their interests in Haiti are not a new phenomenon. If not, their interests in Haiti have almost become irrevocably entrenched and have had far-reaching consequences in the lives of ordinary Haitian citizens. 

Their history with the country dates back to 1975 when they had their honeymoon there. If there is an unpopular couple in Haiti, it definitely has to be the Clintons; for they are held in contempt and in despicable terms. What the Clintons did is unforgivable to the Haitians.

The devastating 2010 earthquake left Haiti in tatters.


The country’s economy reeled under the biting and excruciating effects of the earthquake. Because of their history with Haiti, the Clintons seized this chance in the interests of “assisting” Haiti in its times of unparalleled difficulty. But their involvement with the earthquake relief programs was the final proof Haitians needed to show that the Clintons’ true intentions with the country were to rob it for their own parochial interests. 

Bill Clinton’s influence in Haiti ranges from the 1990s agricultural policies in Haiti that destroyed the country’s rice industry to the meddling in internal affairs and finally to the earthquake. There is a sense of permanency attached to the Clintons’ name as regards their activities in Haiti, particularly the Clinton Foundation. 

When the earthquake struck, the global response was to send in donations to Haiti. But of course, that needed a commission that would be designed to have an oversight role as regards the disbursement of the various relief packages pouring through. The Clintons stepped up to lead the global response. The Interim Haiti Recovery Commission (IHRC) was brought into life and Bill Clinton was selected to be its co-chair. At that time, Hillary Clinton was still the Secretary of State and thus responsible for channeling USAID relief spending to Haiti. 

One could not have found an escape from their influence. Bill Clinton co-chaired the commission alongside Haitian Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive. Some $13.3 billion was pledged by international donors so that Haiti could be rebuilt and the lives of Haitians uplifted. 

The IHRC was comprised of two parts: one that had the foreigners and one led by the Haitian Prime Minister. Bill Clinton chaired the foreign part and it had all the donors; they had to the IHRC $0.10 billion over two years or forgive $0.20 billion of Haitian debt. Each and every decision made by the Haiti section of the commission had to be endorsed by the foreign section. And Clinton was at the helm of the foreign part of that commission. 

As the money found its way into the possession of the IHRC, it increasingly became arrogant and opaque. The only thing that came out of the post-earthquake relief plans was the construction of an industrial park called Caracol, which cost $300 million. [SLAVE LABOR] The US was also amenable to financing a power plant. The belief held by the Clintons and their allies in terms of rebuilding Haiti was premised on employing short-term plans espoused in the foreign aid industry that the US had imposed on Haiti all these years. 

They hoped that Caracol would sizeably attract foreign businesses for the reconstruction of the country’s badly fractured economy. It was the same old policy that did not care about the pertinent issue of creating long-lasting projects that would eventually help the poverty-stricken Haitians. The foreign-aid industry plans are concerned with benefiting the international players, the private contractors

The industrial park is considered a very big flop by the US. Worse still, several hundred farmers were evicted from there in order to make way for the 600-acre park. Too much emphasis was placed on “outside players” instead of the Haitian government to effect change. [OUTSIDE PLAYERS: CARLOS SLIM, CLEVELAND CLINIC, HAITIAN “GOLD MINES” OPERATED BY HRC’S BROTHER, AND MUCH MORE, FOR EXAMPLE]

As such, the jobs that Caracol was expected to make fall far below the reality on the ground. The post-earthquake efforts by the Clintons, particularly Caracol, was a damning failure that did nothing to lift the Haitians out of their misery but only lined the pockets of big firms. South Korean textile giant Sae-A Trading Co, which is the main employer at Caracol, gifted the Clinton Foundation with donations between $50,000 and $100,000. 

The IHRC had little to show for all the money that came through except the Caracol industrial park. Not much reconstruction in Haiti was done. Where did all the money go? The Clinton Foundation has refuted claims that it had influence in the running of the IHRC, saying, “Since 2010, the Foundation has worked on the ground in Haiti with a range of partners – helping more than 7,500 farmers lift themselves out of poverty; improving the Haitian environment by planting more than 5 million trees and installing more than 400 KW of clean energy; and supporting women through literacy training and job skills for over 2,000 women,” when responding to the BBC.  [SLAVE LABOR]

It has been speculated some of the money that came through the commission found its way towards sponsoring Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign which she lost to the incumbent Donald Trump in 2016 but this is an area she has always been evasive about when probed. They become allegations without proof but to Haitians the more she dodges the question, the more she becomes suspicious and pernicious to the interests of Haitians. 

It is estimated that the IHRC collected over $5.3 billion over two years and $9.9 billion in three years but Haitians still find themselves mired in abject poverty. A US Government Accountability Office report circumvented the issue by deciding not to find any iota of wrongdoing, but the gravity of the failure made them mention that the plans by the IHRC, co-chaired by Bill Clinton, “did not align with the Haitian priorities.” 

The failure by the IHRC to rebuild Haiti is still haunting Haiti. The failed agricultural policies by the US made sure Haiti, a country that produced its own rice, would be reliant on US food to the extent that Haiti imports food from the US. Foreign aid is continuously pumped into Haiti, and no plan is made to bolster the country’s own capacity to rebuild and produce.

 Haiti is still run on which business finds favor with the US, and while the Clintons were in charge of the US, they presided over all these failed policies. It is high time the onus to build Haiti shifts back to the government. 

Posted Feb. 23, 2020


  • Gold mine is a good cover for any kind of ill gained monies; Gold mine has 1 page website and little activity
  • Carlos Slim’s Haitian’s Cell services and microloans can enable prostitution and sex trafficking
  • Create charitable orgs in Haiti for disaster relief for 2010 earthquake as front companies.
  • Eric Braverman sent to Haiti for McKinsey, to create the interim haiti relief commission run by McKinsey to certify how the money is spent. Eric Braverman essentially becomes part of the Clinton Foundation.
  • Recap: Using NYT Pulitzer Journalism to connect the dots of how “Hillary Commissioned Sid Blumenthal to establish a private army with Muslim Brotherhood and then arm them by taking these stingers in Benghazi and also Sarin gas, and then conquering Gaddafi. Once you got the money from these banks and oil companies, you needed to bring the money back and put it through a funnel, and that’s gonna be the IHRC. And Eric Braverman established that…with McKINSEY…for Hillarys’ State Dept in 2010, right after the earthquake in Haiti. Bill Clinton is put in charge of this board…for a year [the 9 complaining board members are cut out of any involvement]…Hillary is putting a lot of money into Haiti from the State Department for a textile factory”
  • Sid Commissioning a private army with NATO General David L. Grange that resulted in Gaddafi’s death, while stealing his gold[][]
  • Kikhia Oil Family TNC issues new licenses to Libya Oil / Tankers (“exile rubber-stamper for central bank of Libya”)
  • Working theory: the “gold funnel”. Convert assets to gold, diamonds and art aka “negotiables”, in order to avoid detection by wire transfer tracking agencies. This is how you get the Libyan gold to Haiti.
  • “Set up a gold mining operation in Haiti. Whether [it] is successful or not, you are going to have the [existing, stashed <libyan> gold] and you’re going to be able to say “hey we produced this much”. They only have to pay a 2.5% royalty fee to the Haitian government, which is incredibly low by international standards, it’s usually at least 5 to 10 percent…you have this funnel set up for 25 yrs. Every time you topple a country, you want to convince the Dictator to change over into gold and funnel it through here”
  • Hypothesis: Discussion of the possibility of oiligarchs using an underground nuclear weapon (PNE) in Haiti at Port Au Prince, trying to generate a ‘seam’, as a cause of the Haitian earthquake.
  • Discusses Caracol near their mining operations as a perfect LNG port and for offshore drilling to make double-use of expensive roadbuilding needed for Hillary’s brother’s gold mine.
  • Hypothesis: South China Sea Scarborough Shoal is where drone was captured. China wants area of S. China Sea between Vietnam and Phillipines, and Henry Kissinger is working with China to cut out Vietnam and Phillipino interest in that part of the sea.
  • Haiti happens at this point in his talk on the libya timeline
  • Skoll and Giustra go to Hollywood
  • Tembo and CCC go to disaster areas and rebuild infrastructure
  • Carlos Slim involved in the port, drugs and sex trafficking
  • (PNE) Peaceful Nuclear Explosion to explode nuclear weapon undersea for oil exploration. USSR 715[1][]
  • Hillary Clinton flew down after the earthquake and stayed in her plane.  She negotiated the release of this Laura Silsby gal who got arrested for child trafficking[][][][], taking children from Port Au Prince to northern part of Haiti. And it reminded me so much to the Loretta Lynch episode with the plane. You stop on the plane but you don’t get off. People come up to the plane and you do your deals and you fly off.
  • Monica Petersen – sex trafficking journalist, she surmised that Hillary’s brother’s gold mine close to the Bill/Hillary Clinton-run 300M textile factory sweatshop at Caracol Industrial Park Complex[][][] was simply a cover story for a sex-trafficking brothel. She went to the mine and didn’t see the mining activity. That’s where I got the idea yesterday that maybe that’s a “gold funnel” for now until they perfect their mining techniques.
  • Hillary put in 6B in funds to Caracol, Haiti via USAID, including for Carlos Slim’s Mexiacan cement company Cemex, to build roads
  • Formulaic approach to completely exploiting a country: Oil, all the minerals, all the human capital, low-wage labor to get into the United States you can sell bribes to get no tariff manufacture into the US and cheap labor for Walmart and Walmart will give you a donation. It’s a one-stop shop
  • Cheryl Mills email reveals Dominican Republic interests are the intersts mining in Haiti, so they’ll be sucking the resources out of Haiti to build luxury hotels…”to destroy Haiti”.
  • Andrew Mccabe (FBI) is protecting a child trafficking network — I don’t know if walnut is a person from Haiti, pasta from Syria, pizza from Turkey?
  • George confirms with the viewers that the proof of taking over countries through Clinton Foundation is revealed through Hillary, Gen. Petraeus Centcom emails.
  • Trapping people as human shields–as exposed by Eva Bartlett–gives George the hypothesis it could also be used as a sex-trafficking ratline.
  • 1000 Worker Dormitory and workers given cellphones via Digicil with GPS, Microfinancing and it enables drug trafficking and prostitution.
  • Hillary is tracking all these people …a “way to manage your inventory”
  • We need all the data, to subpoena the data for her Silsby and Petersen
  • $6B is not accounted for, which frustrates Braverman
  • Clintons shouldn’t be taking in donations under the auspices of humanitarian aid, the Clintons shouldn’t be building private owned factories, “these are bad connections”.
  • Resources being taken out of Haiti and being used to build Luxury Hotels in Dominican Republic
  • Neil Brown and Braverman are together southeastern united states, close to an FBI office in Lafayette, Louisiana, but use xsphere which is a proxy tool, George proposes “sea island”
  • Ebay founder Skoll and Frank Giustra (Lionsgate films) making social justice films in Hollywood; they are associated with consolidated contractors company. Tembo is about post-conflict resolution, and using “spin” to make post-conflict contruction look “humanitarian”
  • They use social justice people to convince families to let their people go work and live at the factory, then gradually introduce them into prostitution and drug dealing
  • George mentions the numerous Huma Abedin to Laura Silsby emails, describing a ‘chomping at the bit’ of Hillary’s to get this operation going
  • The FBI emails into Hillary’s investigation are critical to proving child sex trafficking
  • QUID PRO QUO Andrew McCabe is obstructing justice, likely because his wife Jill Mccabe took 500k (675k?) from Clinton Ally for her Virginia Senatorial Run 

  • “Extortion Wheel”, how does that work?
  • a) If you are a politician and you want to break into companies and get them to give you a donation, you
  • b) Get / Bribe the FBI to do a deep dive surveillance on all the board members, looking for child porn, gay love affair, dirty dealings,
  • c) they will find some contracter malfeasance with a foreign government,
  • d) the FBI will say OK we’d really not like to take down a US manufacturer, what we’d like to do put in our guy and clean up your act and add transparency.
  • e) while they are there, they obtain the whole contractor list and spy on what the company is doing, basically stealing their intellectual property, and
  • f) sell that information to investment firms. They all get rich. Thus the extortion wheel is about politicians using the intelligence agency to enrich oligarchs with insider trading, using ill-gotten intellectual property and private plans.
  • Bridgewater is the investment hedge firm enriching NATO politicians
  • McCormick will be Trump’s Deputy Sec of Defense

  • Trump is aware of the whole funnel: his assistant Sec of Defence ran Bridgewater and Clinton’s deals. He is taking the NATO support base away from her, by cutting USAID, and cutting World Bank so she loses her diplomatic mechanism for the people she has in the State Department
  • Trump is going to stop Hillary and Kissinger’s Oil dealings in Asia so that they aren’t stealing from SE Asia
  • Hillary has stingers which is a threat to Trump
  • Hillary has a 30B + 256B, quite a war chest
  • Mike Morell did a gas attack in Alleppo and Ghouta and killed a lot of people
  • When Isis kills the parents, the kids get put on the human trafficking ratline
  • George claims to be 80% evidence 20% working theory, and has to be otherwise he’d get distracted by hyperfocus on any one story
  • This goes back to Arkansas: Bill was always the “good cop”, Hillary was the “bad cop” running the Arkansas mafia and killing people there, now she’s gone on a global scale with the Muslim Brotherhood in 32 countries now with Al Baghdadi. The only thing that’s changed is the risk to the world. First they are shooting down Russian jets, then they shoot down European jets, then they shooting down American jets. And they can shoot down the president’s jet. If you shoot 50 of these things at the president’s plane, that plane is going down.
  • “We know who all the players are. It’s an easy case.” It’s not left or right wing, it’s all of them.

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