The Trial to take Trump off the ballot. War Room!

Hearings begin today in two cases to block Trump from presidential election under ‘insurrection’ clause

Regardless of what the courts decide in the cases, their rulings are likely to be quickly appealed. All the way to the Supreme Court.

Laura Loomer on “X”, posts the following:

A weeklong trial will begin in Colorado today to determine whether President Donald Trump will be BANNED from the ballot in Colorado in 2024 under Sec 3 of the 14th Amendment. I don’t see a single @HouseGOP member talking about this. Neither is @SpeakerJohnson. These people are USELESS.

Judge Wallace, the radical Leftist judge overseeing the anti—Trump trial in Colorado, has frequently donated to Democrats though the Democrat fundraising platform, ActBlue.  

Citizens For Responsibility And Ethics In Washington (CREW) is currently fundraising for this exact case against Trump, and they are soliciting tax-deductible contributions on the ActBlue platform.

This is direct ELECTION INTERFERENCE, & it is also forbidden political activity by a 501c3 organization, which constitutes an egregious violation of IRS law.  

This case is pure lawfare, orchestrated by partisan Democrats and their left-wing financiers to cheat the American electoral system and deprive the American voters of their rightful choice for a President.

Keep that in mind today when you’re watching what’s happening in Colorado. You can watch Trump’s Colorado Trial at 10 am EST. #Trump2024 Click here

They are trying to take Trump off the ballot

Mike Davis- Unconstitutional compromised Judge in Colorado is trying to take Trump off the ballot.

This is quite real – It’s a total kangaroo court.

What??!!?? Eric Swalwell is going to be a witness in Colorado case to take Trump off the ballot…

He leaves out peaceably and patriotically.

Oh my! Those mean tweets!

“Plausible deniability,” like Joe Biden‘s brother said about his crooked business dealings to Tony Bobulinski.

Release all January 6 tapes now!

The Tweet made them do it🤪

Live: Trial begins over disqualification of Donald Trump from Colorado 2024 ballot

Watch as attorneys present opening arguments heard in Trump’s trial over disqualification from 2024 Colorado ballot.

For more visit Independent TV: 

Hey Kash! You hearing this BS?

The poisonous January 6 report.

Opening argument without highly produced video.

“We have elections, and that means when it comes to decide as to who should lead our nation, it’s the People of the United States of America that get to make those decisions, not 6 voters in Colorado who’ve picked and chosen who they want to file a lawsuit against.”

The poisonous January 6 document is a political document.

Just because a handful don’t like Trump, there are millions that see him as an inspiration and want to vote for him.

Bannon Cannon analysis on what’s really going on here and who is really behind it.

Lawfare Against President Trump 

The Chutkan gag order is actively encouraging Jack Smith to continue his information warfare on the American people.

Here’s the playbook:

– Smith leaks to media that Mark Meadows takes an immunity deal to testify against Trump

– Meadows’ team denies the claim

– Trump, and his team, cannot respond in public

– If Trump responds, Chutkan can fine him or throw him in jail

– Smith, his prosecutors, and the liberal media that hates Trump can now try the case in public by setting a narrative that Trump cannot challenge

– They’ve been doing this from the jump

– They can do the exact thing they claim Trump wants to do

– Yet, Chutkan had the audacity to claim the gov’t has a right to a fair trial

– Pres. Trump, or any of his supporters, cannot get a fair trial in DC (the most anti-Trump district in the country)

– This isn’t fair; this spits in the eye of the American judicial system…and should chill every American to their core.

Bam Bam 💥

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  1. I have no idea how Trump can stand all the lies and bull these evil jackals are vomiting out. Hopefully he can because he knows how this will all end and where THEY will end up! But it makes my hackles not only stand up but grow hackles of their own!

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