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The burning question for most of us at this point in time, is what will be the catalyst for Trump’s return.  There are those who think it will be the 2024 election…. And we will just vote Trump back in to clean up this catastrophe, and prosecute those responsible.  But, if we could just vote our way out of this morass, Trump would still be President!

Why do I say that?  Because that already occurred in 2020.  We did vote Trump in, and our vote was cancelled, stolen.  Why would 2024 be any different? What’s to stop them from stealing it again?  We learned over the last 3 yrs, that an attack on our election infrastructure crosses the threshold into war.  I ask why would we need to wait for yet another attack on our critical infrastructure – Again it already happened in 2020.

 In addition to the 2020 election, NSA & Space Force gathered signals intelligence information in 2016, 2018, and 2022.  The electronic tampering, and the myriad of other ways they committed fraud were monitored and documented.  We’ve been told, they have it all. I believe it will be revealed prior to the next election, in order to implement safeguards for 2024.

Some say, a constitutional crisis will be the catalyst, and perhaps the courts will step in to rectify it.  I believe the TRUE constitutional crisis occurred on Nov 3, 2020, when our country was attacked by both foreign and domestic treasonous actors. 

Do we require additional information gathered in 2024, or a second constitutional crisis?  In my opinion, NO.  Again, it already happened.  The foundational basis was established for the remedy Trump and the Patriots have planned.  It is fully documented and cemented.  How do we know that the foundational basis is established?  

Enter Exhibit A – Trump’s Draft unsigned Executive Order!


This Draft EO cites the specific legal basis on which the orders rest:

“…Article 2, Sec 1 of the Constitution, Executive Orders 12333, 13848, NSPM 13 and 21, the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (50 U.S.C. 1701 et seq.) (IEEPA) and all applicable Eo’s derived therefrom, the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C.1601 et seq.) (NEA), and section 301 of title 3, US Code.”

The Draft EO cites….

”.…probable cause sufficient to require action under the authorities cited above because of evidence of international and foreign interference in the November 3, 2020, election.”   

The Draft EO states:

“Multiple witnesses and cyber experts identified acts of foreign interference in the election prior to Nov 3, 2020, and continuing the following weeks.”  

“In fact, there is probable cause to find a massive cyber-attack by foreign interests in our critical national infrastructure….”

I have strongly believed for a long time, that this is a key clue, and the actions ordered by the Draft EO will be carried out at some point in time. 

Among those of us who believe something will happen before 2024 to change the trajectory, there are multiple theories…..  Many believe that the upcoming Trump trials will be how the motherload of information is revealed.  It is certainly possible, but I am inclined to believe that may not be the case.  Was that the military’s original plan?  I don’t think so.  Think about it – when the military planned this dynamic & complex operation 8+ years ago (probably much longer), could they have foreseen Trump being indicted in frivolous lawsuits?  Probably not with any certainty.  They could certainly have altered their strategy once that occurred, because contingencies are always built into war plans.  What better way to reveal the truth, than to have the D’s bring it upon themselves by indicting Trump!

Just a reminder, that several months ago, Trump announced a press conference regarding the GA case, to reveal the election fraud data, then quickly cancelled it.  Recall, he stated that a large, complex, detailed, but Irrefutable REPORT on the Presidential Election Fraud which took place in Georgia,” will be announced.  He said, “Based on the results of this CONCLUSIVE Report, all charges should be dropped against me & others – There will be a complete EXONERATION!”

What if that press conference is just being delayed, not permanently cancelled?  What if there is another catalyst that will trigger such a press conference.  Clearly they have all the data, and have held it back for years, until just the right moment…..

We have seen another RED October come and go without any substantive action.  Will another November pass with the Q Deltas?  Q was very clear in the big picture that the Military is in control, and that exact dates were never going to be provided to the enemy, because they are monitoring the boards.  

Q told us in Drop #3929 – Game Theory:

“Patriots: be cautious in your interpretations of info posted. 

False expectations [& push] based on ‘speculation’ will only weaponize those who attack us [MSM].

Why does [MSM] expend resources [daily] attempting to discredit? 

Do you provide the playbook to the enemy w: SPECIFIC DATES? 

Logical thinking. 

FISA INDICTMENTS = START (public_justice)


Future proves past [events unlock]….”

VERY VERY interesting, the link Q provides to the dictionary definition of “START”.  It tells us it will be “WITH SUDDEN FORCE!”

That tells me this will not be a meandering slow execution of the plan…. It will “move suddenly and violently : SPRING” according to the dictionary definition.

Trump very recently stated publicly, “THEY ARE THE ONES WHO ARE REALLY UNDER INVESTIGATION!”  Many things are happening under the radar, that we don’t see overtly.  As we have all waited patiently for 3 years, I think in the end, even those of us researching, may be surprised by the swiftness of the final moves.

In Drop #4213, Q includes a meme of Trump holding a DECLAS sign.  And Q says:  “BE READY.”

Below it are highway signposts that read:


FISA PEAKS – 1 mile

GITMO TOWN – 2 miles

Drop #2786:

“The President of the United States, the Commander in Chief, AGREED that an illegal coup was attempted against him. 

Stop and understand the GRAVITY of acknowledgement. 

Do you believe nothing will happen? 

Do you believe no one will be prosecuted? 

POTUS making statements for no reason? 

How do you introduce the TRUTH to those still asleep? 

DECLAS coming? 

The message must be direct (bypass the non reporting of the TRUTH (facts) by FAKE ‘spin the narrative’ NEWS). 


Drop #2928:

“…DECLAS will destroy their last stand [SCHUMER, PELOSI]. 

FISA will be the start and prepare public for ]HUBER[. 


Drop #2253:


Drop #3785 – “Slow drip > FLOOD,”




THE STORM IS COMING, my friends, and when it does, I believe it will be with a ferocity that may even surprise us.  NEXT STOP:  DECLAS JUNCTION!!


By Radiopatriot

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  1. I TOTALLY agree with…”exact dates were never going to be provided to the enemy, because they are monitoring the boards.” Absolutely, positively–nothing less is to be expected! The Art of War…confusing the enemy! “The whole secret lies in confusing the enemy, so that he cannot fathom our real intent.” Sun Tzu

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