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Future President of the United States again

“Richard Baris on the WarRoom states these new polls shows that Biden is on his way out. The democrat talking heads are making the point it’s time to get rid of Biden. They have pointed out Biden and the Democrats have lost the black and Hispanic vote, so now is time to turn the ship around.”

“…the normies follow these polls and will start asking for Obama and Biden’s head.

The MSM today are freaking out because of the number of polls that are going positive for Trump and negative towards Biden.

I have this feeling the Democrats are preparing the normies for getting rid of Biden and that way is the 25th Amendment. 

Can you say Constitutional Crisis…

For some reason I think February is the deadline to be on the ballots. So…” – Joe Frazine, Spitballers

Dan Scavino posted this. Message???

Dan Scavino’s post: 2021 “appliances” break WITHIN 2 years… Which means they break no later than 2023, right?🙏🏼 – Spitball

I remember when the toupee was all over Fox saying there was no election fraud in 2020 😂 – Midnight Rider

Richard Baris polling

Panic on Morning Mika

Yorham Hazony

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  1. I don’t think the “invoke the 14th” crowd know what they are asking when the majority of both the House and Senate are traitors that aided insurrection.

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