On the Border: Ben Bergquam & Art Del Cueto

Tera Dahl

Trump driving judge crazy 🤣

“Over the past week, several newsworthy releases have happened to float through the cycle.

Promises of releasing J6 tapes, reports and manifestos to specific entities have lead to people across the social media landscape to demand public release of all things, not to news organizations or personalities. 

This is encouraging, and let’s hope it continues. The citizens of this country deserve access to all documents of public interest, and should never have to subscribe or go behind a pay wall to access it. This is what the belief in transparency of government is founded upon. 

I believe it is necessary for this gate keeping to end and it is a very important step for the information war”.

–Professor Patriot at SpyGate Down Enclave, Telegram

By Radiopatriot

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