Trump Undercover Part 2

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By Radiopatriot

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  1. This kind of thing irks me. Spend time reading this and it helps us how? We know it’s Spy v. Spy, old news. All this, & still no one is in jail. A friend in the military told me long ago that the one big objective of military & intel was keeping nukes & materiel away from rogue actors. What makes more sense is, Russia & America working together to watch the nukes. I guess the problem at the end is, who gets the stuff, us or Putin? John le Carre, aka David Cornwell, author & MI6 operative, once said Trump would do for Putin what Putin could not handle himself. Cornwell would know. I think they absolutely have some kind of working relationship. And the entity at the base of all the trouble in the world right now is the BRITISH government. We never hear about that….

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