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Trump says he would consider Tucker Carlson as his VP

“I like Tucker a lot; I guess I would,” Trump said on “The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show.”

Former President Donald Trump said he would consider picking former Fox News host Tucker Carlson as a vice presidential candidate for 2024. 

“I like Tucker a lot; I guess I would,” Trump said on “The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show,” according to The Hill. “I think I’d say I would, because he’s got great common sense.”

While on the show, the former president also emphasized the importance of having a wall on the southern border.

“You know, when they say that you guys are conservative, or I’m conservative — it’s not that we’re conservative, we have common sense. We want to have safe borders. We want to have a wall, because walls work,” he stated. 

Carlson was fired from Fox News earlier this year and now has his own show which runs on the social media platform, X

Trump is the current frontrunner in the majority of the GOP polls for president and has not attended any of the debates. 

Instead of going to the first debate, he released an interview with Carlson. 

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  1. Tucker does have good common sense and I’ve never seen him fumble in an interview. Have liked him & followed him for a long time. Having said that he doesn’t have government experience. I’m sure he’s learned a whole lot being in journalism but I don’t think a lot of ppl would agree.

    My pick is still JFK Jr.

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