“They don’t have the stones.” – Bannon

One of the most insightful rants Bannon’s ever delivered. Inside baseball, friends. Inside baseball. And a personal message to some members of Congress, calling them out by name.

Bannon on RINOs in Congress. “Those people are completely bought into the system.”

“The Republican Conference doesn’t have the stones to go forward.”

Hey Mike! Here’s what we’re saying, cuts now, border sealed now!

Official Position on Continuing Resolution (CR)

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Mike Johnson is a eunuch like most of the rest of the ‘Republicans’.

    What a MAJOR disappointment.

    It’s time someone commandeer the speaker system in that building and play “We Won’t Be Fooled Again” by the Who — MAX volume on a continuous loop.

    In the mean time the team setting up our Presidents’ new government for when he returns needs to work on finding over 400 genuine Patriot America First MAGA candidates to beat the Traitors and eunuchs that are presently in Congress.

    Where the hell is that Epstein flight log you subpoenaed, Marsha??


  2. thanks AOPOL… no doubt i trust your opinion. I was hopeful. As for the flight log… predicting Jan 27th it will be made public. it clearly will be at some point, as the drum is louder and preparations/distractions are growing.

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