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It’s time for a real conversation to be had. Y’all need to think about what you’ve learned to date and how you plan on reacting if/when this occurs.

For the record, I, along with several accounts you know, are being threatened by legitimately awful people who have anointed themselves as the Anon police. And make no mistake, they have their sights set on hijacking our movement.

They apparently think y’all are gonna turn your backs on people you’ve come to know over the course of more than half a decade once y’all find out that we’re just normal people who have lived mostly unremarkable lives, just like the rest of you.

Wow. That’s going to be Earth-shattering.

I wonder if any of us have made mistakes in our lives that they’re threatening to exploit if we don’t jump to their commands.

What would you do?

Basically, if you think about it, digital terrorism is what they’re engaging with. They seek to intimidate, threaten, dox, break up marriages and relationships, get people fired, and legitimately put people in harm’s way simply to satiate their sick pleasure.

Sadly, there are people like this in the world, but it is what it is. Of course, it makes sense that they’d go after the larger accts to try and blow things up (Division over Unity). Their goal, and they will fail, is to drive a wedge between us.

I simply don’t think they understand that we’ve forged bonds that transcend whatever they throw at us. Just know ahead of time that they know who are because we’re just avg folks who never took precautions to create a faux identity.

None of us (you all included) had any idea we’d be doing this as long as we have. Turns out that doesn’t occur to normal folks who aren’t shitty people. Honestly, push comes to shove I’ll just dox myself. Big whoop.

I obviously don’t prefer that it happens right now (because that should be my choice), but since I’m writing a book about all of this anyway I suppose it was inevitable at some point. Just know ahead of time that succumbing to threats isn’t my thing – so I’ll just embrace it if they push through.

Anyway, I’m still gonna continue doing what I do regardless…shit post and provide commentary about my take on events as they unfold. There is nothing that can or will stop me from doing because at the end of the day, I’m just a normal guy who may be marginally better at social media than others.

Hell, maybe they do decide to make me a digital martyr. Not that I care, but it would prob result in me gaining MORE followers which, in turn, helps me better amplify you guys and the truth as we have come to understand it to be. So there’s that.

You’d think that they might stop and ask themselves why none of us has fake personas other than having an Anon acct – but you’d be wrong. Which, for the record, seems pretty odd for super/double secret Govt social media operatives. Wouldn’t they have probably created false identities to protect themselves? Try and circle that line of logic.

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  1. The other night Patel Patriot Jon said that the American leftist Rothschild (forget his first name) went after him. He caused havoc for him online and even got involved in Jon’s divorce, threatening Jon’s ability to have the right to his children. They are vicious!

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