Attention is starting to focus on White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers.  A friend sent a video which appeared in the Politico some time ago.

My friend reminds that should Rogers wonder what effective guest security at a presidential dinner is like, she can watch this video by Politico of herself and fellow Obama administration BFOM (Best Friend of Obama and Michelle) Valerie Jarrett presenting their proper identification before entering the magnetometers at the White House Correspondents Dinner last May at the Hilton Washington.

Rogers should have known better, but maybe being a BFM (Best Friend of Michelle) has its benefits — a fat paycheck for partying, all dolled up on the government’s dole.  Nice work if you can get it.

Rebecca Dana and Lloyd Grove tear Desiree apart in this  article at the Daily Beast:

How on earth did it happen? Since when can someone throw on a red sari, knot a bowtie around her husband’s meaty neck and traipse into the White House, makeup artist and camera crew in tow? And—in a question asked over turkey and stuffing at the homes of several former White House social and press secretaries yesterday—where, oh where, was Desiree Rogers?

Breaking with tradition, Rogers was a guest to the state dinner, which honored Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his wife. She arrived solo, in a cream-colored Comme de Garcons dress, a curious choice that has since been the subject of considerable sniping online.

In the past, White House social secretaries have worked, not partied, on the nights of major events, racing around to make sure everything is going according to plan. But Rogers has occupied a bigger spotlight than her predecessors, doing more interviews, making more public appearances, and generally cutting a more glamorous figure. Just a few weeks after President Obama swore the oath of office, Rogers turned up at New York Fashion Week, sitting in the front row of three shows and taking photographs with Anna Wintour. According to three former White House officials, Rogers made it clear from the beginning that her approach to running presidential social functions would be a sharp break from past custom.

In February, 2009, in a longstanding tradition, all of the former White House social secretaries gathered for a private luncheon at the Four Seasons to welcome Rogers to the post and pass on their collective wisdom. Said one person in attendance: “She was very friendly, but her position was clear: They’re different. They got here differently. These are different times. The old rules are going out and the new rules are being made up.” Rogers told the Associated Press Thursday that no one from her office had been at the security checkpoints to assist Secret Service members in managing the flow of guests and verifying their place on the list. The former White House officials, all from previous administrations, said they considered this a jaw-dropping oversight.

Newsweek reports that last February Rogers had essentially eliminated the position of the person in her office assigned to greet guests at the gate to ensure things went smoothly.

Mike Isikoff writes that the Obama administration is shifting the blame on the Secret Service and is dismissing any inquiries as to the responsibilities that night of Desiree Rogers:

The White House staff member whose job was to supervise the guest list for state dinners and clear invitees into the events says she was stripped of most of her responsibilities earlier this year, prompting her to resign last June.

The account of Cathy Hargraves, who formerly served as White House “assistant for arrangements,” raises new questions about whether changes that she says were made by President Obama’s social secretary, Desiree Rogers, may have contributed to the security lapses…

Her job duties included overseeing the invitations for guests at state dinners and keeping track of RSVPs, she says. On the evening of state dinners, she says, she physically stood at the East Gate portico entrance and greeted each of the guests as they arrived, checking their names off a computerized printout of those who had been invited.

But when she met with Rogers last February and went over her job responsibilities, she says the new social secretary told her, “We don’t feel we have a need for that anymore.” Rogers’s explanation, according to Hargraves: “In these economic times, I don’t think we’re going to have very many lavish expensive dinners. It wouldn’t look very good.”

A White House official (who asked not to be named because of the ongoing investigation) has refused to comment on any aspect of Hargraves account, saying, “it doesn’t matter,” because the Secret Service has already publicly apologized for violations of its own procedures that allowed the Salahis to crash the Tuesday night event.

This is what Desiree wore to the dinner, rather than check invitees at the door. Reminds me of the time I put on my winter parka and I had some underwear from the laundry stuck to the velcro. - Rabid Ralph

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  1. What part of incompetence and waste does anyone not understand when describing Obama, Michelle and their administration.

  2. Like her boss, aap and crooked pols may get the girl out of the ghetto, but…
    All her outfit lacks is a wide belt. What a peon.

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