Say it. “Aiding and Abetting Enemies”.

UPDATE: After I wrote this post, I came across this piece by JB Williams in which he asks the question, “Are Americans Too Stupid to be Free”?  An excerpt with a link to his piece, and then I’ll let you get on with reading the rest of “Aiding and Abetting Enemies”:

As if only Nostradamus could predict the outcome of such overtly foolish advice, I attempted to raise the right question in a May 2006 column titled Are Americans Too Stupid to Run Their Own Country?

Americans answered that question in the following two election cycles, also warned against in my October 2006 column, When 51-49 becomes 49-51. My hit rate is better than that of Nostradamus at this point. But frankly, I was only predicting the inescapable outcome which every American should have been able to predict.

By November 2008, our nation had indeed become a nation in which the fools outnumbered the well-informed, at least in terms of active voters. Those who know nothing of history have doomed the rest of us to relive it.

End of discussion – the results are in – many Americans are indeed too stupid to remain free.

Thomas Jefferson warned more than 200 years ago, “Dependence begets subservience and venality, suffocates the germ of virtue, and prepares fit tools for the designs of ambition.”


A Gateway Pundit comment responding to Jim Hoft’s post “Saudis warned top Obama officials about underwear bomber in October”:

Auntie Em, January 2nd, 2010 | 6:11 pm | #11 –

I believe that ’soft on terror’ is not what is going on here.

Why are we afraid to say “aiding and abetting enemies, both foreign and domestic”?

That is what it is. The sooner we name it correctly the sooner we rid ourselves of the affirmative action parasite.


I can’t help thinking that the drawstring on the socialism sack is getting drawn tighter and snugger with every move coming out of the White House.

And we’re in that sack.

Like a trap set in a jungle, we didn’t see that we were stepping into it while it was lying flat on the ground.  We weren’t aware that our feet were atop it as we went about our daily business,  ignorant of what was taking place in our government.

Too many Americans have little interest in their government, preferring to let “others” concern themselves with “politics”.  It’s of scant interest to them because it interferes with their pursuit of sun, fun, self-interests, or any of the myriad daily activities that fill 24 hours. They take their freedom for granted, and think that staying informed is something someone else — anyone else, should do.  Not them.  They’re “too busy”. But these “busy” folks are in the sack with us too.  They just don’t know it yet.

I know people — as I’m sure you do too — whose continued preoccupation with jobs, families, social lives, hobbies… whatever, have blinded them from seeing what’s happening to them and their children.  What’s coming.  Some are slowly waking up, but too many of them, when they do, cast it in the light of “it’s Bush’s fault”.

I know a guy who happily told everyone within earshot that he was getting government stimulus-funded money for his small company, installing thatched-palm passenger bus route shelters here in Florida.  Good for him.  It will keep his people employed.  But he is clueless about where the money’s coming from.  He thinks the government is being generous, and he’s going to get his, cash in on the gravy train.  “Cool!”  he says. He doesn’t know he just stepped into the trap.  He and the rest of us are going to pay dearly for his little “stimulus” pile.  He’s a businessman, not a stupid man.  But he’s uninformed.  He’s what Lenin called “a useful idiot”.  How many more are there just like him?  Too many.

Plenty of uninformed sleepwalkers – because that’s what they are – are beginning to sense that something’s wrong.  But in their Ambien-like haze, they can’t quite put their finger on it.  They haven’t tuned in.  They’re still listening to Lite Rock.  And they’re too busy, too complacent, too apathetic, too lazy, too anything, to make an effort to figure it out.

They don’t scan the internet for differing points of view or context.  They don’t attend town hall meetings. They don’t stay in touch with their congressional reps. (Do they even know who they are?) They don’t listen to talk radio.  “Rush Bimbo, bah!” they harrumph.  “He’s a bullshit artist.”  “Glenn Beck?  He drives me crazy.  A hypocrite. A big baby.”  Do they ever read, listen or watch?  “Oh yeah, I listened. Once or twice.  Didn’t like him.”

So, where do they get their information (misinformation)?  They’ll assure you they watch the news… But they’ll catch the Evening News with Katie or Charlie, or Diane or Brian, and swallow it as gospel truth, hook, line and sinker.   Maybe, just to let you know they’re really on top of things, they’ll smugly tell you they watch cable news too.  “CNN”.   They’re informed. They watch MSNBC.  But they haven’t caught on that what they are not being told is more telling and important than what they are.

The useful idiot complains about the cost of food, he’s worried about keeping his job if he still has one, but he’s being told that the economy is sending out green shoots of optimism.  Yet the number of unemployed folks is growing, car dealers are being shut down, and stores are closing their doors at the Mall.  Restaurants are going out of business, but it’s all good.  The anchorman at CNN says so. The economy is poised for a turnaround, says Wolfie.   Meanwhile, our useful idiot is watching his 401K shrink, the grocery bill is eating a bigger chunk of his pay, and he hates the oil companies even more every time he gets “gouged at the pump”. But ask him why the prices are high.  Or who’s really behind it. And why we aren’t drilling for our own energy independence.  And he’ll tell you whatever the problem, it’s Booosh’s fault.  And that’s that.  Obama’s got a lot on his plate.

The useful ones can hardly wait for the relief of not having to pay those exorbitant health insurance premiums.  It’s the Evil Insurance Companies’ fault.  Evil Wall Street’s fault.  Evil corporations’ fault.  The federal government’s going to fix it.  Again, useful idiots who don’t know enough to critically follow the money trail straight to Congress’ door, to the root cause of the capitalist failures.  Ask them about the Congressional Black Caucus’ involvement in the Community Reinvestment Act, and how that is responsible for causing Freddie and Fannie and the banking industry’s failure and the housing bubble crash.  “Huh?  Wha?”  Booosh’ fault.

They never go beyond what the liberal media spoon feeds them.  They don’t  know the media is in the tank for the Left, that it is the Left!  It never occurs to them — or maybe it’s too much “work” — to delve deeper into how decades of citizen neglect and scant oversight have allowed career politicians in Congress to grow filthy rich while writing and passing unconstitutional laws — unchallenged — that benefit them and not us.   How and why administrations (including Boosh’s) have enacted policies, rules, and regulations that violate and exceed their powers, forcing corporations and the banking industry into regulatory boxes that hamstring and interfere with free enterprise, open markets.  The idiots believe the government media apparatus “reports” that capitalism is the problem.  That Obama’s gonna fix everything. They think.  If they think at all.

They harbor a white hot hatred for Bush; Cheney even more.  Everything Obama does to undo Bush/Cheney makes their hearts palpitate with joy.   It’s fine with them.  In Obama’s defense they point to Booosh.  “Obama has his hands full with all the crap the warmonger, in-bed-with-big-oil Boosh left behind,” they say.  “Give Obama a chance, fa crissakes!  He’s only been in office less than a year…”  Their ignorance of the facts and subsequent conclusions are illogical and deranged.

I fear for our country because so many of our fellow Americans are willfully or ignorantly oblivious to the truths and responsibility that liberty requires. They don’t care.  It is of no concern to them.  They’ve always had liberty, and they take it for granted they always will.  Until it’s gone.

I came to cognition on 9-11.  Prior to that horrific epiphany, I too was an idiot.  Thankfully, my work and circumstances demanded that I learn about the absolute truths, our nation’s exceptionalism, its founding principles, American history and the divine role we’ve played in the world’s history.  There’s much yet to learn, and I’ll never know it all.  But I know where and how to seek the truth.  I have learned enough to understand and appreciate and covet what hangs in the balance.  What others have given their lives to protect and keep and pass on to future generations.

Unfortunately, enough complacent “useful idiots” remain who help the domestic enemies among us — and they are there in the shape of Code Pink, the Nation of Islam, the Green movement, the Climate mongers —  tilt further this ship of state that’s already listing badly to Left port.  We’re taking on water. We really don’t have much time to get this right.  We maybe have one last chance with the upcoming 2010 midterm elections.  If we blow it, take a gulp of air cause we’re going down. Whatever happens thereafter will not be pleasant.

On what might have been a quiet weekend with Congress not in session and the Boy Wonder in Hawaii, I would have thought we’d have had some respite from the daily fanload of crap.  Instead, we’re dealing with surprise Presidential Executive Orders surreptitiously signed on New Year’s Eve, which are raising suspicions among conservative lawyers, analysts, intel specialists and more; Administration blowhards who are on the Sunday talk shows defending the indefensible underwear bombing attempt; and further news that al Qaeda in Yemen is at our front and back door.  That’s just for starters.

Who’s at the helm of this mess?   Who is promulgating this chaos, looking for the next crisis to pull on that socialist cinch sack drawstring a little tighter?  Well, in the words of Auntie Em:  An affirmative action parasite. Take a good look at him.  He’s the tip of the iceberg we’re about to smash into.


By Radiopatriot

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