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Last September, Navy SEALs captured Ahmed Hashim Abed, a most-wanted al Qaeda leader, during a nighttime raid. Abed is the suspected mastermind of a 2004 ambush that killed four Blackwater security contractors – including a former SEAL – in Fallujah, Iraq. The contractors were burned, mutilated, and suspended from a bridge.

Three of the Navy SEALs that captured a most-wanted al Qaeda terrorist are accused with abusing the detainee, who may or may not have received a bloody lip during the process.

The objective of Operation Neptune’s Fury is to exonerate the SEALs, who should be honored as heroes, not tried as criminals.  Operation Neptune’s Fury Director Chris Carter joins us with more.  Also, Richard S Lowry, military historian and author Marines in the Garden of Eden, joins us with the backstory of the four Americans who were mutilated, burned and hanged from a bridge as excerpted from his new book, New Dawn and published at The Examiner.

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  1. Cannot beleive this even went to court, kids get in less trouble for fighting at school, yet this man burned and hung someone from a bridge. Scum of the earth these people are. No respect for this kind of enemy.

  2. Strange Fruit borne of the insanity of the PNAC.

    Tough. You go to a country across the other side of the world and bomb the sh*te out of it based on NO EVIDENCE what so ever and the locals are gonna kick your butt with whatever and however.

    A bridge in Iraq is the equivalent of the US press gloating about US victory

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