“I pray that Israel tells Obama to take his loan guarantees and shove them…” – Atlas Shrugs

Bring it!

Obama Threatens War-like Actions Against Israel: Israel Shrugs

“So let’s understand this. Iran can build a nuclear arsenal fit to blow up the world, they can slaughter their own Muslim (and non-Muslim) populations with impunity, they can threaten to wipe non-Muslim countries off the map, but Israel cannot be sovereign. Israel will be punished for not submitting to Islam and surrendering to Islamic anti-semitism.” — Atlas Shrugs


The NY Times is reporting:

“Israeli warplanes killed three Islamic militants on Sunday, Israeli and Palestinian officials said, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that the military would respond harshly to rocket and mortar fire from Gaza.

The airstrike struck a group of gunmen in the central Gaza Strip, killing them with an air-to-ground missile, Palestinian medics said. The Israeli military said the three militants were hit “as they were preparing to fire rockets into Israel.”


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